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The following entries are sorted by date with the most recent first. Only entries added to the database in the last two weeks are listed here. If you need to see more listings, view the entire list.
Corvette, 1994 Bally: $4500
Game is working perfectly with no issues at all. Boards are in fantastic shape and overall the game is extremely nice. There isn't any cabinet fade or playfield wear throughout it.
Lebanon, Tennessee
Posted: 14 June 2024

James Bond, 1980 Gottlieb: $2500
Cabinet and playfield in excellent condition. All lamps replaced with Comet 2smd LEDs, and new rubber rings installed. Working locks for backbox and coin door. Plays great.
Lafayette, Colorado
Posted: 13 June 2024

Jokerz!, 1988 Williams: $2500
Works excellent with zero errors or problems. Playfield is in amazing condition. No wear anywhere on playfield surface. Premium LEDs installed, new rubber kit, and playfield plastics in great condition. Display is bright and clear.
Moorhead, Minnesota
Posted: 13 June 2024

Wheel of Fortune, 2007 Stern: 5700
Absolutely beautiful Wheel of Fortune. I am the second owner and it has been in my personal collection for about 15 years. It looks brand new and I can't find any flaws anywhere on it. Everything works and the game plays perfectly. I can provide many pictures. I can deliver it locally for free, depending on the distance.
Bill Ciullo
Pleasanton, California 94566
Posted: 13 June 2024

Eight Ball, 1977 Bally: $1,600 OBO
Very nice original. The playfield is nice with only 1 tiny worn spot. No broken plastics. The backglass is mint. The cabinet is also very nice but someone painted the frame around the head. The rest of it with the graphics is original. The game mostly works, but will not eject the ball into the shooter lane. I can ship the game anywhere with the carrier of your choice.
Manahawkin, New Jersey
Posted: 12 June 2024

Cue Ball Wizard, 1992 Gottlieb: $2500
Playfield and cabinet is very clean. No splitting, water damage or chunks missing. All boards are in good shape. Game plays great.
Tucson, Arizona
Posted: 11 June 2024

Earthshaker, 1989 Williams: $3000
Game is in great condition. Cabinet looks good. Playfield is in excellent condition. Sinking building works smooth and the shaker is powerful. Boards are clean and original. Machine that plays fast and furious.
Birmingham, Alabama
Posted: 11 June 2024

Jockey Club, 1954 Gottlieb: 1250
Ready to play 1954 Gottlieb Jockey Club. New backglass and playfield plastics. Playfield and cabinet in nice condition. Fully working and ready to go. Ground level pickup. Sorry no shipping.
Brighton, Michigan
Posted: 11 June 2024

Breakshot, 1996 Capcom: $2800
The game is solid and plays great. Cabinet in nice shape with a couple minor nicks but nothing major. Playfield is nice. Display and boards are good.
Lexington, Kentucky
Posted: 10 June 2024

Fireball, 1972 Bally: $2500
Everything works as intended, plays smooth and fast. Cabinet, backbox, and backglass all very nice for age. Zipper flippers rebuilt with new coils, sleeves, and bushings. New rubbers, and pop bumper.
Charleston, Illinois
Posted: 9 June 2024

Laser Cue, 1984 Williams: $2000
Game is in overall great shape. Has coin cell battery board installed. Playfield is in excellent condition for its age. All coils and switches fire properly. Boards are clean. Plays great.
Rochester, Minnesota
Posted: 9 June 2024

Farfalla, 1983 Zaccaria: $3500
Game is in very nice condition. Playfield and cabinet looks good. Pop bumpers rebuilt, all new LED GI, new incandescent bulbs on inserts, stuff tumbled and ultrasonic'd, and new rubbers throughout. The boards are all in great shape, all coils and lighting are all operational. Game functions as it should.
Great Falls, Montana
Posted: 8 June 2024

Toy Story 5 Limited Edition, 2022 Jersey Jack Pinball: 10,000 OBO
Great machine.
Matt Hughey, Phone: 817-308-0421
Buda, Texas 78610
Posted: 8 June 2024

Doctor Who, 1992 Bally: 5500
I've owned 4 of these, this one has the best artwork out of all of them, looks to be a fairly low hour machine, clean on inside no cigarette smoke no issues with electronics, bottom LEDs new rubbers cleaned and waxed. Ready for new owner. Contact me before I get any further into to it cuz I may end up keeping it.
South Elgin, Illinois 60177
Posted: 7 June 2024

Fathom, 1981 Bally: $6000
The playfield is in excellent condition. Beautiful and bright cabinet and original backglass. New plastics, and full LEDs. All digits on the displays fully work. Game plays just as hot should and looks amazing.
Houston, Texas
Posted: 7 June 2024

ABC Tournament Bowling (ball bowler), 1957 Bally: $4,700.00
14 ft. ball bowler. One of Ballys first ball bowlers with gutters, and one of 2 of their machines with metal ball return rails. It's been totally gone through, and plays 100% $4,700.00, or possible trades. If interested, pics available.
Newark, New York 14513
Posted: 6 June 2024

Flash Gordon, 1980 Bally: 3700
Great shape to start with, has yet to be shopped out, but in working condition. Playfield in great shape as well as backglass. Buy now before I get more into it.
South Elgin, Illinois
Posted: 6 June 2024

Toledo, 1975 Williams: $Open
Helping to sell for one of my many pinball customers. Very good condition. Call for details.
Bob Thurman, Phone: 516-354-7737
Long Island, New York
Posted: 5 June 2024

South Park, Sega 1999: $4500
Game plays great. Playfield shows no discernible wear. Underside of playfield, inside of cabinet, and inside of back box is very clean as well. Cabinet is solid, and boards are clean. All LED and new rubbers. Everything works as it should including Mr. Hankey and Toilet Bowl.
Little Rock, Arkansas
Posted: 4 June 2024

Hot Wheels, 2020 American Pinball: $5500 OBO
HUO, original owner, great condition and everything works as it should. Comes with shaker motor, external headphone jack, knocker, custom shooter rod, custom tire mod in pop bumper area, Cliffy's installed, translucent rubber throughout. Prefer local pickup so you can inspect and play. Located on first floor of my home.
Atoka, Tennessee 38004
Posted: 3 June 2024

Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World, 1992 Gottlieb: $4000
Machine is in overall good condition. The playfield is very nice. Cabinet is super clean with a minor nick. Everything works with no errors.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Posted: 3 June 2024

Twilight Zone, 1993 Bally: $9,800
Very nice Twilight Zone, loaded with over $2000 worth of mods and extras (many no longer available). No issues, works just as it should. - color dot matrix display - pinduino lighting system (adds mysterious, pulsing light show behind Rod Serling on backglass, and blue LED light runs on top right plastic ramp) - pyramid topper (lit) - TV mod (plays scenes from the original television series) - Rod Serling playfield background - Robbie The Robot mod - red T-bird mod (lit interior and headlights) - piano mod - camera mod (lit) - gumball machine with lighted LED kit - gumballs - pyramid playfield mod (lit) - rocket interactive mod (fires) - slot machine mod (lit) - street lamp mod (lit) - mirror blades - all LEDs minimal cabinet fade on left side. First reasonable offer takes it home. Local sale preferred, but I will assist with shipping arranged and purchased by new owner. I'm glad to provide pics, video or Facetime. I'm also considering the sale of my TOTAN if anyone is looking for a nice one.
Atlanta, Georgia
Posted: 3 June 2024

Genesis, 1986 Gottlieb: $2500
Game is pretty clean for its age. The middle window area sits perfectly, flippers, slings and pops are all strong. Display is bright, I've also replaced the battery pack with a lithium battery so no battery issues. Game plays great.
Richmond, Virginia
Posted: 2 June 2024

Indianapolis 500, 1995 Bally: $5000
Playfield and cabinet is in amazing condition. Everything works great, no credit dots, errors, or broken plastics. Game plays very fast and is a blast to play.
Clarksville, Tennessee
Posted: 2 June 2024

Jungle Lord, 1981 Williams: $2000
It is a very clean machine and plays as it should. Playfield and cabinet looks good. All of the displays are good and bright. LEDs throughout, and boards looks great.
Madison, Georgia
Posted: 1 June 2024

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