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Mr. Pinball Classifieds: Pinball Machines Wanted: Recent Entries

The following entries are sorted by date with the most recent first. Only entries added to the database in the last two weeks are listed here. If you need to see more listings, view the entire list.
Empty Cabinet For Virtual Pinball Machine, 2017 Any
Larry D
Richmond VA
Empty cabinet for virtual pinball machine. I'd like a wide body.
Posted: 29 April 2017

Funhouse, 1990 Williams
Steve Schukei, Phone: 641-430-0151
Looking for unshopped Funhouse with unmylared playfield. Will travel to pickup and pay you upfront before pickup.
Posted: 28 April 2017

Astro, 1971 Gottlieb
Mahwah, NJ (near Routes 17, I-287 and NY Thruway)
Looking for one in good condition and reasonably priced. I'll be at Pinfest in Allentown, PA on Friday May 5th set up in the indoor flea market in Booth 14. Please respond back with pictures and price. No scammers or shipping.
Posted: 26 April 2017

Pin-up, 1975 Gottlieb
Mahwah, NJ (near Routes 17, I-287, and NY Thruway)
Looking for one in good condition and reasonably priced. I'll be at Pinfest in Allentown, PA on Friday May 5th set up in the indoor flea market Booth 14. No shipping or scammers. Please include price and pictures.
Posted: 26 April 2017

4 Square, 1971 Gottlieb
New Jersey
Looking for a nice original one. The nicer the better. I have the cash for the right machine. Prefer within driving range of New Jersey.
Posted: 25 April 2017

Star Jet, 1963 Bally: top dollar
David Bunel
Nottingham, PA
Looking for a Bally Star Jet. Willing to pay well above market for anything from project to restored. Let me know if you have one in any condition.
Posted: 24 April 2017

Sky Divers, 1964 Bally
Posted: 22 April 2017

Niagara, 1951 Gottlieb
Any condition considered by collector.
Posted: 21 April 2017

4 Belles, 1954 Gottlieb
Any condition considered.
Posted: 20 April 2017

Beat Time with Beatles glass insert, 1967 Williams: Dependent on condition like new 2000-3000
Alan Dugger, Phone: 214-226-4828
Arlington, Texas
Need one good condition as possible. 40th wedding anniversary gift need by June 18 2017 help👍🏻.
Posted: 19 April 2017

Four Million B.C., 1971 Bally
Jf Parizeau
Can pick up at 2017 Allentown show.
Posted: 19 April 2017

Stargazer, 1980 Stern
Akron, OH
I am looking for a Stern Stargazer project game. I will accept just about any condition as long as a fair price is being asked. (price correlates with its general condition) I will accept any combination of the following conditions: non-working, broken plastics, missing mechanisms or computer boards, bad back glass, heavy playfield wear, corrosion problems, beat up cabinet, etc. I have wanted one of these in my personal collection for a while now however, I have been unsuccessful in finding one thus far and part of the reason I am accepting poor to extremely poor condition is because I personally love this game and I believe that even the destroyed and forgotten one deserves a second chance at life. Therefore, if you have a Stargazer that is just collecting dust and rotting away, I am interested in it, no matter how bad of condition it is in. Serious inquiries only though please.
Posted: 19 April 2017

Sharpshooter, 1979 Gameplan: market price
Branchburg, NJ
Needs to be pretty good condition, working.
Posted: 18 April 2017

Black Belt, 1986 Bally: Open
Ken Page, Phone: 616-633-4988
Rockford, Michigan
Any condition, projects OK, location the closer the better.
Posted: 16 April 2017

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