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Pf 9+, Bg 6-
Playfield has major wear (approx. 10 sq. in.) just above flippers.
Backglass is perfect.
Game doesn't work.
Was in a fire.
Was originally purchased by Michael Jordan, new in the box.
Cannot ship.
MC, Visa accepted.
I bought this game brand new, and it has only 100 plays.

Will probably be edited down:
This is the best BUCKAROO you'll ever see. We've really outdown ourselves on this one.
'Feel the Power!' Gomez sez this game is mint.

Will be deleted:
We polish every bolt.
We provide a free car wash with each visit to our showroom.
We sell videos too!
Come to my website and see my smiling face.
My machines are better than your machines.
See my other machines for sale.
Our machines are cool because of their beauty, charm, and price.

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