Eros One

Made by Fascination International Inc. in August 1979. FII is really an Allied Leisure Inc. company which was a short lived manufacturer that made mostly cocktail-style pinballs. The short lived nature of ALI is usually attributed to poor quality engineering and the market for cocktail pinballs being too small.

This is a cocktail-style two-player pinball machine. A cocktail pinball is essentially a large end table with a pinball machine inside. The playfield is a little shorter and a little wider than standard machines. It was intended for use in a bar or restaurant like Pizza Hut. It has no backglass and the scoring displays are at front area of the machine just under the glass and over the flipper buttons.

The theme of this game is Greek mythology. The playfield features are similar to other ALI games of the same period. It has four drop targets, three pop bumpers, and no in-lanes. It also has an extra ball, which can only be won on the last ball, and then only once. It also has a free ball gate.

The playfield has two sets of four lights--one set green and the other white. Each set is numbered one through four. Hitting one pop bumper cycles a lit light through the white set. Another cycles the lit light through the green set. When the green 4 and the white 4 are both lit then the upper left turnaround is lit for a special.

I didn't own this machine for very long. When I picked it up it didn't work and had less than 2,000 plays on it. It was mint. Everything I've heard about ALI machines seems to indicate that the good condition and low mileage is not unusual. This is due to their machines breaking down early and not being fixed, or not worth being fixed. As soon as I got it working I traded it for what I considered a real pinball machine--Dogies.
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