Flip Flop!


Made by Bally in January 1976. Several black and white photos of the backglass are found in Pinball Machines, by Eiden. I consider it one of the prettiest pinball machines I have ever seen.

Backglass: shows cowboy being tossed by a bronco with indians and other cowboys looking on. The bright colors and detail are what make this glass so attractive.

Playfield: Symmetrical layout with four flip cards at the top. The only other unusual item on the playfield is the layout of the in/out lanes. The lanes are designed such that a sufficient nudge will return the ball from the outlane to the inlane. This lane configuration is not easily visible in the above image.

Cabinet: Colors are bright red with black shading on a white background. The stenciled shapes are horseshoes.

This machine in one of three made by Bally that have flip cards.

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