Made by Chicago Coin Manufacturing in July, 1973. It has a casino theme with show girls and gambling. This 4-player machine has great colors and a few gadgets. At first look it seems like a pretty fun machine.

Backglass: shows show girls, bands, slot machines, and roulette tables.

Playfield: Symmetrical layout with a row of 5 rollover lanes at the top with three pop bumpers just below. Two upper flippers are poised to shoot the ball into the bumpers. In the center of the playfield are three standup targets. When all have been hit, the left kickback is lit. Passing through the side lanes just above each of the upper flippers raises the up-post between the lower flippers. There is a little more, but hardly worth mentioning.

Cabinet: Colors are blue and red on a white background. The stenciled shapes are dice and show girls.

This machine at first looks fun, but after a game or two it seems boring. However, if you play it longer the strategy shifts a bit and is somewhat of a challenge, although it still is not very exciting. I believe that this game has the best look for a bad game.

I believe I have seen more of this game that any other older game with only a couple of exceptions. I'm guessing that Chicago Coin made more of these than any other.

This machine was in pretty good shape when I picked it up. Another collector had already done a lot of the hard work. It just needed a few tweaks here and there. The backglass does has some minor, but obvious flaking.

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