Mr. Pinball Classified: Pinball Parts For Sale: All Entries
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Mr. Pinball Classified: Pinball Parts For Sale: All Entries

All entries are sorted in order by date of post, with most recent listed first. If you have parts for sale fill out this form and your entry will be added to this page. This is completely FREE!
Here is a list of all the playfields in my collection I am selling. All are new unless listed. (NOS means new original stock/made by the game's maker).
Trades are always an option

Shipping is $85 in the US. I will ship anywhere overseas except AUS/NZ (sorry it's just way too expensive).
I also clear playfields for a living, so if you want it cleared, we can do that. None of these PFs are cleared unless stated. Otherwise they are stock.

alice cooper 750
Houdini 800
Mata Hari CPR repro kruzman clearcoated/red oak siderails/CPR plastic set 1775
Wiz of Oz Made in 2011 700
AC/AD pro 850
Avengers Infinity Quest premium/LE 1300
Batman Dark Knight stern 850
Bumper Pool 800
Car Hop 800
Corvette NOS 1000
CSI stern 650
Eldorado W. Krausse repro 1100
Fathom Halifax repro 7745
Fathom CPR repro with custom starburst inserts 1300
Geiger Space Rider (Bally Globetrotters alt PF) 1000
Harley Davisdon Stern 700
Hurricane NOS 900
Indy Jones 4 Stern 900
Iron Man 800
Monte Carlo gottlieb 800
Nitro Ground Shaker CPR repro gold 900
No Fear! NOS 1100
DATA EAST Playboy very rare 1400
Popeye NOS 900
Road Show NOS 1300
Speakeasy NOS Bally 850
Spiderman Stern 800
Star Wars Episode I NOS 800
Hobbit Jersey Jack 1100
Rolling Stones Stern Premium LE 1100
Simpsons Pinball Party Stern 900
The Shadow PF set CPR repro 1100
Tommy NOS 1100
Transformers LE Stern clearcoated 1500
Wheel of Fortune 700
Willy Wonka LE 1000
Wizard Bally NOS 1000
Wizard Bally CPR 950
Total Nuclear Annihilation Spooky 800
Space Station NOS (needs a little work) 750
Rocky and Bullwinkle ready to install, restored/cleared by Kruzman 1750
Sharkey's Shootout ready to install Restored/cleared by Kruzman 1700

Ron Kruzman
Kalamazoo, MI 49053
Posted: 2 October 2022

NOS Gottlieb Rock playfield.
Free delivery to the York Show.
Price- $550.00

voice: 518-885-5818
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Posted: 30 September 2022

Populated 1974 Star Pool playfield in great shape. $400.00

voice: 951-203-7307 (accepts texts)
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 23 September 2022

Populated 1973 Hee Haw playfield in great shape $400.00. Text for picture.

voice: 951-203-7307 (accepts texts)
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 22 September 2022

Playfield Plastics, all sets complete. Can deliver to the York Show.

Gottlieb Paradise Plastics (used orginals) $50
Gottlieb Centigrade 37 (used original) $50
Gottlieb Target Alpha (NOS Gottlieb) $50
Gottlieb Mibs (NOS Gottlieb) $40

Nick Raschilla
voice: 267-733-5659
Green Lane, PA 18054
Posted: 21 September 2022

United Shuffle Alley old style 6.5 inch pins
Set of 10. No number 7 but two number 10's
Photos available.
Selling as complete set only. $135 plus shipping.
Also have an old 2.25" puck for $25 plus shipping.

Steve Budko
voice: 973-615-5676 (accepts texts)
Fort Mill, SC 29715
Posted: 20 September 2022

1998 Williams Monster Bash--full 5 piece set of decals, not the game itself. Kept in original shipping tube. All ready for shipping. $200.

Len Curtiss
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Posted: 18 September 2022

1 USED Gottlieb 0-9 Unit W/bell/clapper-6 spring Pins $35.00
1 USED Gottlieb complete Red Beehive Shooter Assembly $20.00
1 USED Gottlieb complete Ball Lift Rod Assembly $20.00
1 USED Gottlieb complete Tilt Bob Assembly $15.00
1 USED Gottlieb Correct Tilt Bob $5.00
1 USED Gottlieb Aluminum Inner Cabinet Liner, 20 7/16 x2 ,
Fits Above Wood Rail Front Door $12.00
2 NEW Gottlieb Bell/Knocker Plungers $6.00 EACH
5 USED Gottlieb Stand Up Early Wood Rail Targets $9.00 EACH
1&1/8 Yellow Marbleized
1&1/8 Red Marbleized
1&1/16 Yellow Marbleized
15/16 Purple Marbleized
15/16 Bullseye
1 USED Gottlieb Ball Gate Used on 4 Horsemen, 49 Basketball
And Madison Square Gardens $8.00
1 USED Gottlieb 5/8 x 7 side lane Guide-Curved Bottom $7.00
1 USED Gottlieb 5/8x6 side Lane Guide 1 Curved End, One
45 Degree Angle $7.00
1 USED Gottlieb Wood Playfield Prop Rod W/Screw $6.00
1 USED Bally Playfield Prop Rod 22 Inch $6.00
12 USED 1&1/8 marbleized Playfield posts, $12.00
4 Red-2 Yellow-2 Blue-2 Green-2 Cream
9 NEW Kicker/Eject Hole Plastics $2.00 EACH
5 Red-2 Cream-1 Green- 1 Purple
1 USED Williams Metal Shooter Silver Nob NO W $8.00
2 USED Williams 2 Inch Flipper Shoe/Shaft PAIR-$12.00
16 Slightly USED Leg Leveler Rubber Casters ALL--$12.00
2 USED Cabinet Inside Front Leg Bolt Covers PAIR--$6.00
1 NEW Round Green Opaque 1 inch Target/w/Rivet-$2.00
1 NEW Bullseye 1&1/8-Old Style (Rear Stud)/w/Clip-$5.00
1 Bag USED #44 bulbs TESTED-100 per bag-$3.00 PER Bag
1 USED Williams JIGSAW Schematic $9.00
1 USED Gottlieb 1978 Parts Catalog $15.00

20 NEW Opaque Playfield Inserts---LOT 1---ALL 20 Inserts $6.00
1&3/16---2 Red---2 Yellow
1 Inch---1 Red---1 White---3 Yellow---2 Purple
3/4 In---1 Red---3 Yellow---1 Purple
5/8 In---1 White---3 Yellow

1 USED Gottlieb Magnetic HOLD RELAY/A-3498 #31-Coil, $16.00
1 USED Gottlieb Magnetic Relay/R-20-5 #30-Coil/4 makes, $16.00
1 USED Gottlieb AG Relay/R-20-4 Coil/2 make & break / 1 Break /
3 Makes which includes 2 / B-5363 Lock-in-makes $18.00
1 USED Gottlieb R Relay/R-20-4 coil/left-make/Right-make, $15.00

1 USED Solid Red Marbleized Deco Cap $10.00
1 USED Solid White Marbleized Deco Cap-Minor Warp $10.00
1-USED 50,000 WHEN LIT solid white marbleized Deco Cap/minor warp
1 USED Yellow Marbleized Daisy Cap-10 POINTS WHEN LIT-White Center,
Blue Letters $10.00
1 USED White Center insert-#6 or #9 Blue Number $5.00
1 New White Beveled Center insert $3.00

1 USED Gottlieb 900 SCORE TO BEAT Card/small crack/Usable, $6.00
1 Used Gottlieb 1400 SCORE TO Beat Card---$6.00
4 USED chrome 1 sided lane dividers(1-scratched)1&11/16-set $10.00
1 Pair-Green 1"marbleized fin lane guides-W Pins-$6.00

1 USED Gottlieb SM20-1-Coil--$8.00-Early wood rail
1 NEW Gottlieb 9738 Hold Coil $10.00
1 NEW Gottlieb 7836 Hold Coil $10.00
1 Gottlieb USED A-20-2 Coil $8.00
1 Gottlieb NEW 5195 $8.00
1 Gottlieb USED A-17891 coil, $8.00
1 A-1118 USED Coil, $5.00
2 A-1119 USED Coils, each, $5.00
2 A-4893 USED Coils, each, $5.00
5 R20-4 #29 USED Coil Each $5.00
1 A-5141 USED Flipper coil $7.00
1 Gottlieb USED A-15259 coil, $5.00

1 Gottlieb A-2544 Hole flap 1&3/8 Diameter, $8.00
1-SPRING-7/32-OD 9&7/8-long-plated-no rust-stretch to 36in-Ea, $5.00
Coleco-Battle of The Gods-Home Player pinball-16 Page manual, $6.00
GTB-CARD TRIX-original Post Adjustment/Sheet + Repro Schematic $6.00

USA(48)states sales only. I Do NOT do PayPal-Prefer payment by US Postal Money Order, or will take a personal check and delay shipping till check clears. Shipping costs will be determined by destination and weight of order, + tracking. Photos can be provided for any item.

Dave Sorensen
voice: 262 652 3657 Land line
5634 46 Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53144
Posted: 10 September 2022

Long-awaited software for ROCKY, part of Gottlieb(R) System80A series, will be available very soon for my all-in-one PI-80 board.

Stay tuned!
(You may also register on line to be kept informed)

Do not hesitate to email me for details.

Pascal Janin - Flippp
Posted: 7 September 2022

Pool Sharks, Gladiators, Game Show, Maverick, Strikes & Spares, Frankenstein, Apollo 13, Wipe Out, Golden Eye, Resue 911, Independence Day, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Viper Nite Driving, NBA Fastbreak, Lost In Space, Godzilla, South Park, Harley Davidson (Sega), Striker Xtreme, Sharkeys Shootout, Austin Powers, Monopoly, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Harley Davidson 2nd Edition, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Terminator 3, Lord of The Rings, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Elvis, Sopranos, NASCAR, Grand Prix, World Tour Poker, Pirates of The Caribbean, Family Guy, Spiderman, Wheel of Fortune, Shrek, Indiana Jones, Batman Dark Knight, CSI, 24, NBA & Big Buck Hunter, Avatar, Rolling Stones, Tron, Transformers, X-Men, The Avengers, Metallica Pro, Metallica Premium, Star Trek Pro, Star Trek Premium, Mustang Pro, Mustang Premium, The Walking Dead Pro, Game of Thrones Pro, Spiderman Vault, Ghostbusters Pro, Batman 66 Premium Aerosmith Pro, Premium, LTD Edition, Starwars Pro, Guardians of the Galaxy Premium, Iron Maiden Pro & Premium, Deadpool Pro & Premium, Munsters Pro, Premium & LE,
Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro & Premium, Jurassic Park Pro, Stranger Things Pro, Premium & LTD, TMNT Pro & Premium.
Buy any 10 for $3.50 each plus shipping, or any 20 or more $2.50 each plus shipping.

Philip Ward
Auckland, New Zealand
Posted: 5 September 2022

For Sale--1 Data East Jurassic Park jaw link NOS. Link goes from the jaw solenoid to the jaw itself. Data East #535-6640-00. Part of assembly #500-5667-00. $10 plus shipping of $10.

Philip Ward
Auckland, New Zealand
Posted: 31 August 2022

I reproduce backglasses and have lots of them. Many rare glasses ready to ship within a day. If I do not have your glass on file and you don't mind shipping me your original glass, intact or in broken condition (as long as you have most of the broken parts) I can reproduce your glass for you.
I have many rare arcade and pinball machines glasses already. Genco, Scientific, Chicago Coin, etc. Glasses like "Mutoscopes Drive-Yourself.
Lots of rare flipper glasses also. I have almost all of the Bally bingo glasses as well.

Write or call for your needs.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale 98311
Posted: 21 August 2022

BACKGLASSES. I have lots of new reproduction backglasse for sale. To many to list. Most Bally Bingos. Lots of rare flipper games as well. Hard to find baseball glasses and odd arcade machines. I can also reproduce your intact or broken original if you don't mind shipping to me. Hundreds of satisfied customers. Write or call me with your glass needs.

voice: 360-473-7104
1665 N.E. Sipes Lane
Bremerton, Washington 98311
Posted: 17 August 2022

Fully populated playfields. Email for pics. Currently I have:
Gottlieb Jumpin' Jacks, some wear at the saucer kickout. $300
Williams Firepower again, little wear at the top kickout, otherwise pretty nice. $450
Gottlieb Mars God of War. Some coils are missing, but other wise complete $300.

Pickup in South NJ or buyer to pay shipping.

Paul F
Posted: 10 August 2022


6,700+ PINBALL FLYERS for SALE or TRADE from 1932-Present.

Email me for the complete list of over 6,700 pinball flyers that I have available for sale/trade in an Excel file (.xls) that has each flyer's CONDITION and price noted. I will also trade for other flyers.

As a long-time flyers collector, I have a wide range of spare German/European pinball flyers and a lot of mint Gottlieb/Williams flyers from the 40-50s.

I'm a collector - NOT a dealer. I'm flexible on sales/trades and easy to communicate with - having completed over 1,500 deals in the past 25 years in the pinball community worldwide. If you have flyers that I need in my personal collection - I'll make generous cash offers OR 2x-3x the value in other flyers in trade.

Mike Minchew
Posted: 9 August 2022

Backlglass Summer Sale - The Shay Arcade Group

Shay Arcade Group Backglass sale:

I bought out a collection and I have decided to sell the backglasses that came along with it together with extra backglasses that I have in my inventory. All glasses are fully licensed rescreened new backglasses (glass not Plexiglas). In almost every case, I just have one each of each title. All glasses shipping is extra:

Gottlieb ($150)
Old Faithful
Wishing Well
Mata Hari EM
Jack In the Box
Diamond Lil
4 Belles
Flipper Cowboy
Big Injun (rare prototype glass for Big Indian)
King Pin
Pin Up
Merry Go Round
Twin Bill
Madison Square Garden
Gin Rummy
Race Time
Capt Kidd

Gottlieb $175

World Fair
52 Skill Pool
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Diamonds
Minstrel Man
Four Horsemen
Ali Baba
Hearts and Spades
Merry Go Round
Flipper parade
Derby Day
Miss Annabelle

Williams ($175)
Spark Plugs
Rocket (rare prototype glass (dark blue sky)
Golden Bells
Moulin Rouge (slight defect very nice)
A Go Go
Sea Jockeys

Bally ($165)

Chicago Coin ($150)
Super Par Golf

Williams Baseball glasses ($200 each)
Pinch Hitter
1957 Baseball
Four Bagger
King of Swat

Space Shuttle ($175)
Centaur ($225)
Blackout ($225)
Deluxe All Star Bowler ($225)
Kiss ($225)
Gorgar ($225)
Alien Poker ($225)
Sorceror ($225)
Medusa ($225)
Starjet ($225)

Shay Assad
voice: 508-944-5237 (accepts texts)
1 Titleist Dr
Acushnet, MA 02743
Posted: 8 August 2022

Speak Easy bottom cabinet & playfield missing center targets

voice: 401 871 5715
14 Teakwood Dr
Johnston, RI 02919
Posted: 1 August 2022

Tales From The Crypt Original factory Topper. Never used, NOS. $300 Shipped

Douglas Huse
New Milford, CT 06776
Posted: 22 July 2022

For sale: Monster Bash Laseriffic Topper.

From Williams, not Chicago Gaming (unsure about compatibility).
Complete, working, no damage or problems.
Includes wireless remote control.
$110 + free pickup in Irvine, CA or you pay shipping.

E-mail for a photo gallery.

Jason Bardis
Irvine, CA
Posted: 19 July 2022

Have these parts for Gottlieb Tee'd Off: gopher in dome on backbox. Gopher wheel in playfield. Drop target unit with targets. Board that bolts to cabinet when gopher removed, because too tall for some ceilings. Have backglass. All parts are made by Gottlieb.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316-262-1325
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas USA 67213
Posted: 15 July 2022

1989 Williams Whirlwind restoration parts. repro plastic set (Classic Playfields), plastic protector set. White post set. Pop bumper wafers and caps. Complete flipper rebuild kits. All unused, as new. Prefer local pickup. Please, no picture requests. Items are mint.

Richard Unterholzner
voice: 440-503-4411 (accepts texts)
Cleveland, Ohio 44111
Posted: 14 July 2022

Have a spare main power transformer, pulled from a Williams Tri Zone. Also, have a spare backglass. I own a complete and working Tri Zone, so having spare parts not real bad. What's bad is needing them, as well as disposing of the spare. Kinda makes you feel like a total fool. Also, have a spare sound board and a spare playfield.. like I said: SPARE PARTS THAT WILL WORK IN A GAME I HAVE NOT A REALLY BIG PROBLEM. The parts inside the working game are fine. Kinda fun game to play. The caps on the spare sound board DEFINITELY are bad. Need replaced. I've seen bad ones that looked better than these that were bad. Hey, they get old and go bad. So, you replace them, and find something else to do.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316-262-1325
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 13 July 2022

I've got the following parts for sale or trade:

Playfields available: (note: some of these have some plywood chipping on the ends from being stood on end. Not horrible, but I wanted to mention it. I consider most of these suitable for a playfield swap, as the overall playfield surface condition is pretty nice. Several have some components removed from the reverse side.

Gottlieb "Flip A Card" [1969] [$150]
Gottlieb "Basketball" [1949] [$250] [includes a new set of "Pinball Rescue" plastics],
Williams "Slugfest" [1952] [$150],
Gottlieb "Contest" [1958] [$100 ea] [Quantity=2],
Williams "Dew-Wa-Ditty" [1948] [$100]

This playfield is a bit more beat up. More suited as wall hangers or spare parts (in my opinion).......

Gottlieb "Flying High" [1953] [$100] [pretty good shape, except for 2 scratches in upper PF area],

Incomplete plastics sets for the following machines, price is $15 per piece (Shipping included):

Gottlieb "Royal Flush" or "Crad Whiz" [1976] (no center piece behind drop targets),
Gottlieb "Flip-A-Card" [1969],
Gottlieb "Atlantis" [1975] [long left side plastic gone],
Gottlieb "Soccer" or "Super Soccer" [1975] [left sling shot gone],
Gottlieb "Dancing Dolls" [1960],
Williams "Dealer" [1953],
Gottlieb "Cleopatra" - "Pyramid" [1977] (no center piece behind drop targets, or sling shots),
Gottlieb "King Kool" - "King Rock" [1972] (no center piece behind stationary target),
Bally "Freedom" [1976],
Gottlieb "300" - "Top Score" (some "yellowing" present, both slingshots gone) [1975],
Williams "Swinger" - "Fun Fest" (some "yellowing" present) [1972],
Bally "Future Spa" [1979],
Gottlieb "Jacks Open" - "Lucky Hand" [1977], (no center piece behind drop targets),
Williams "Defender" [1982],
Gottlieb "Gemini" [1978],
Gottlieb "Jack in the Box" - "Jumping Jack" [1973], (no center piece behind drop targets),
Bally "Captain Fantastic" [1976], just the 2 clear pieces are available.

I've got several Light Boxes [these have the guts] that I've picked up over the years. I keep hoping to run across someone who has a cabinet for these missing heads, so I keep them. None have backglasses or back doors. Price is $150 each (unless listed different).

Gottlieb "Dancing Dolls" [1960] [wood cabinet not original],
Gottlieb "Chinatown" [1952] [insert only, no cabinet],
Gottlieb "Silver" [1957] [wood cabinet not original],
Gottlieb "Astro" [1971] [Price = $200],
Williams "Yanks" [1948],
Williams "Soccer" [1964],
Williams "Beat The Clock" [1963] [credit unit missing],
Bally "Delta Queen" [1974],
Gottlieb "Frontiersman" [1955],
Gottlieb "Flip-A-Card" [1969] [Missing Ball Count Unit + 2 relays],
Gottlieb "Pro Pool" [1973] [Both head connect Jones plugs broken],
Gottlieb "Gigi" [1963] [Missing 1 bell assembly].

Gottlieb "Bronco" [1977] Motor Board [complete, board with score motor and transformer mounted].... $100,
Gottlieb "Big Indian" [1977] Motor Board [complete, board with score motor and transformer mounted].... $100,

One empty cabinet [note: I purchased this cabinet for a future project. But, the condition is not bad, to the point of me not desiring to sand the exterior paint before I offer it for trade here. The cabinet is not for sale. It is for trade only :

Gottlieb "Spot-A-Card" [1960],

Paperwork [Make offer]:

Williams "Solids 'N Stripes" Schematic + Instruction Manual [1971],
Williams "Spanish Eyes" Catalog Supplement "P-P" [1972],
Williams "Fast Ball" Schematic & Instruction Manual [1972] [Baseball Game].

I've got plenty of EM machines for sale. Drop me a line and I'll send you my list. I can deliver to Mid-west locations for a fee.

Note: I'll be at the Allentown Pinfest next May 2023 (Friday only).

I only do PayPal for payment.

Chris Andrews
Holton, MI
Posted: 28 June 2022

Gottlieb SKY JUMP bottom board complete. Great shape. $120. Text for photos.

Raymond Kircher
voice: 480-849-2184 (accepts texts)
930 E Eagle Dr
San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
Posted: 16 June 2022

New reproduction backglass for Chicago Coin's "Coney Island"

I have lots of reproduction backglasses, with some being for very rare games. Write or call me for your needs. Too many to list here.

If you are looking at a game with a marginal backglass, get ahold of me and to see if I have it in stock. If I don't and you don't mind shipping me your old original, I can make up a new reproduction glass for you.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA 98383
Posted: 13 June 2022

I am currently taking offers for a perfect 10 out of a 10 Masquerade backglass for 1966 Gottlieb Masquerade.

John Arnold
voice: 313-359-0089
Detroit area, Michigan
Posted: 9 June 2022

I am taking offers for a complete brand new Playboy playfied overlay, these are EXTREMLY rare if not impossible to get. I also have a brand new stencil set for the cabinet that comes with it.

John Arnold
voice: 313-359-0089
Detroit area, Michigan
Posted: 9 June 2022

Extremely nice mirrored original Comet Backglass, $300 OBO.
Prefer local pick up at buyer's expense.

Ken White
voice: 650-400-0207
San Mateo, CA 94401
Posted: 8 June 2022

Bally Night Rider NOS Backglass for solid state version, still in a Bally crate, Flawless
$500 or a reasonable offer, does not include shipping, pics on request, will assist with shipping.

Ken White
voice: 650-400-0207
San Mateo CA 94401
Posted: 27 May 2022

Data East pinball power supply board - good condition. $45. Untested and shows signs of previous work, sold as is for parts or repair. There is no warranty as to the condition or the function of the board and it is sold as is-no returns. Good shape, but not perfect, will have surface imperfections and scratches from use.

Woodinville, WA 98072
Posted: 13 May 2022

Looking for a CPU/sound board 520-5300-00 if anyone has one.

1055 N Barn Rd
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
Posted: 8 May 2022

I have for sale a Masquerade backglass for a Gottlieb Masquerade, very rare, a perfect 10 out of 10. I am taking offers. I am in the Detroit area.


Posted: 5 May 2022

NOS set of plastics for the Lord of The Rings. MINUS the # -17. Make an offer. Factory part number: 803-5000-80

George Stark
voice: 805 964-2906
Goleta, California 93117
Posted: 4 May 2022

2 translites: Whitewater AND Demolition Man.

Daniel Tiemeyer
voice: 316 262 1325
615 West Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas. USA 67213
Posted: 27 April 2022

Dealers Choice playfield - complete and ready for re-theme or selling for parts. I had no luck finding anyone who wanted to take the Dealers Choice playfield for re-theme with all the playfield parts top and bottom included. So, sadly, it is time to let it go for parts. Pictures available. If you want anything then send me an IM with an offer and pay for shipping and I'll box up what you need. I have the playfield board, playfield parts .... apron, posts, rollovers, screws, wood guides, top rail, top apron, coils, relays, steppers from the bottom of the playfield. Also some cabinet hardware parts lefover too. Prop bar, the top metal parts where the glass slides in, the mating part for the lockdown bar, etc. I'm not trying to get rich. I'm just making some space and trying to help out guys that need something.

Pete McDonald
Posted: 24 April 2022

Gottlieb Reproduction Backglasses for sale. All are mint and never in a game. I can ship for addtional actual shippng cost or deliver to Allentown for free.

1962 Olympics $250 (Ron Webb)
1959 Lightning Ball $250 (Shay)
1952 Skill Pool $275 (Ron Webb)

Nick Raschilla
voice: 267-733-5659
Green Lane, PA
Posted: 22 April 2022

I have for sale an animated backglass for a 1966 Masquerade pinball machine. Very rare, in perfect condition, a 10 out of a 10 I am in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, about 30 minutes from Detroit. I do not check my email that much so i would prefer that you call me if interested, Monday through Friday after 5 P.M. (that's when I get home from work) or anytime after 8 a.m. on the weekend.

John Arnold
voice: 313-359-0089, fax: NO FAX PHONE
7228 Nightingale
Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127
Posted: 12 April 2022

Target assembly for Midway Mystery Score with extra target faces. $350 plus shipping. Contact me for pics.

Chris S

Posted: 4 April 2022

I have a lot of CPR playfields and a few NOS playfields. I would be interested in a few trades for playfields too. I am looking for the following playfields. I need Centaur, Space Invaders, and Dolly

I have the following
Star Trek - Bally
Playboy - 1978
KISS - Bally
Strikes and Spares
Harlem Globetrotters
Evel Knieval
Wheel of Fortune

Scott Steven Doepke
voice: 602-931-8658
24015 S 121st Place
Chandler, AZ 85249
Posted: 26 March 2022

Demolition Man right wall plastic 03-9043-2, new in Williams bag, 75.00 plus shipping USA sale only.

Posted: 24 March 2022

1945 Gottlieb Stagedoor Canteen for parts. No lower cabinet. Backglass in poor condition.

Rod Kleinhelter
voice: 502-593-2513
Louisville, KY 40229
Posted: 22 March 2022

1963 Bally MOON SHOT backglass Fair condition. Has some flaking.

Rod Kleinhelter
voice: 502-593-2513
Louisville, KY 40229
Posted: 22 March 2022

Bally London (bingo)--I need the electronic control module board that is in the lower cabinet. It's part of the Triple Play Feature and has all the transistors and resistors mounted on it.

Gary Conway
voice: 1-360-473-7104
1665 NE Sipes Ln
Bremerton, WA 98311
Posted: 17 March 2022

Lots of Rare hard to find Backglasses for sale. Email me with your wants. Genco, Chicago Coin, Exhibit, Scientific etc. and lots of others.

Gary Conway
voice: 1-360-473-7104
1665 NE Sipes Ln
Bremerton, WA 98311
Posted: 8 March 2022

New reproduction backglass for "Scientifics" Batting Practice. 225.00 plus freight.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA 98311
Posted: 5 March 2022

New reproduction backglasses for most all the Bally Bingo Pinball Machines. 245.00 to 250.00. Write me for your needs.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA 98311
Posted: 5 March 2022

New reproduction Backglass for Exhibit "Air Circus"
>235.00 plus shipping. I ship Via USPS REGISTERED MAIL to avoid breakage problems.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA
Posted: 5 March 2022

Lots of hard to find reproduction backglasses for sale. Genco, Chicago Coin, etc. Write for needs.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA 98311
Posted: 5 March 2022

For Sale: Chicago Coin "Baseball Champ" Backglass. New reproduction.
>225.00 plus freight. I have lots of rare backglasses. Write me for your needs.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA 98311
Posted: 4 March 2022

For Sale: New reproduction Backglass for Midway Captain Kidd Gun Game.
>235.00 plus Shipping. I ship glass Via USPS REGISTERED MAIL to avoid breakage problems.

Gary Conway
voice: 360-473-7104
Silverdale, WA 98311
Posted: 4 March 2022

For Sale: Reproduction backglass for Genco "Baseball" pin game.
>I have lots of rare backglasses. Write me for your needs.

Gary Conway
Silverdale, WA 98311
Posted: 4 March 2022

Several EM Coin boxes for sale. Pictures available. Make me a reasonable offer + shipping.

Jeff Monasch
voice: 732-778-5528
5542 Cedar Waxwing Dr.
The Villages, FL 32163
Posted: 3 March 2022

I have an assortment of locks, mostly 7/8 and 1-1/8 inch can locks. Round key ace locks with multiple locks keyed alike. DUO locks with camlocks and padlocks keyed alike. I had a coin-operated game route for 30 years. I have maxi camlocks that were factory backglass locks for Bally and Stern early solid state. Whenever the need for a certain lock design, I usually had the proper replacement. You can email me with your request. I'll reply, once I have the answer.

Daniel Tiemeyer
voice: 316 262 1325
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213
Posted: 2 March 2022

USED Electro Mechanical Pinball Part and arcade parts no video or S/S parts
Score wheels--Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, Chicago Coin
Replay units, plungers, bell units, chime units, drop targets
pinball coils used--Bally, Gottlieb, Williams, Chicago Coin, Playmatic
Transformer, score motors, relay units, playfield post, pop bumper caps, playfield inserts
Flip Flop flip card units, lock down bars out of the Gottlieb pin type
Shooting Gallery parts, shuffle alley parts, coil stops, pop bumper bodies
There is just to much to list. Email or text me with what you are looking for. Text is the best way.

voice: 951-203-73047
32816 Wesley St
Wildomar, CA 92595
Posted: 26 February 2022

Centaur plastics: Full set of originals
+ A set of unused reproduction ORBS targets
+ Misc unused new pop bumper caps and and assembly parts

Photos available.

River R White
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
Posted: 19 February 2022

Bally, Spot-Lite (bingo), could be fixed but would make a good parts game. old Bally 6 card game good parts. Mustang base.

Ronald Coover
voice: 717-532-6540
9995 Tower Rd
Shippensburg, PA 17257
Posted: 17 February 2022

For Sale:
Original manual: Chicago Coin Trap Shoot (1973) Parts Catalog. In very nice condition. $15 plus shipping.

Bozeman, MT
Posted: 16 February 2022

1951 Williams Jalopy backglass
$270 plus packing and shipping

Bob Hollingshead

Posted: 3 February 2022

2 Instruction Manuals for Big Ben By Williams
2 Big Ben 456a schematics
I think they are original not copies
$10 plus shipping

1 Big Brave Schematic $5 plus shipping
1 Big Brave Instruction card &5 plus shipping

1 Rack-A-Ball schematic $5 plus shipping Copy

Black Knight 2000
Operation Manual (2) Important Message to Operator of Black Knight 2000 from Steve Richie $20 Plus shipping

! Bally Night Rider Game 1074 Installation and General Game Operation instruction manul $7 plus shipping

Bally Night Rider W-1042-147 for game #1074 Schematic $5 plus shipping

Ball Mousin' Around Operators Handbook $5 plus shipping

Pinball Machine Maintenance by Henk De Jager $20 plus shipping

Lucky Seven Solid State Instruction Manual Williams $5 plus shipping

Mata Hari (Bally) Game 1104-e Installation and operations Manual $5 plus shipping

I will send picture upon request.

John Giannini
voice: 910-262-3506
5916 Saltaire Village Ct
Wilmington, NC 28412
Posted: 25 January 2022

Looking for Data East interior door back box latch on right hand side behind translite. My machine is a 93 Jurassic Park Data East machine

Michael J Marzley
voice: 6145194919
7171 Hilmar Drive
Westerille, OH 43082
Posted: 24 January 2022

Gottlieb Chips for System 1 and System 80 games. Have the System 1 spider chips, most are NOS still in the original plastic shippers. System 1 game chips, some NOS and some pulls, but over the years have used at least 20 with no failures. System 80 game chips, some are NOS and some pulls, still the ones I have used were good. These all came from a Gottlieb distributor, so guessing they would not put bad chips back on the shelf. Too many to list. Let me know what you are looking for and will go from there.

Posted: 13 January 2022

Pinball flyers $5 each plus shipping unless marked
Johnny Mnemonic
No Good Gophers
Roller Coaster Tycoon
Harley Davidson Stern
Lord of the Rings
Simpsons Pinball Party
Mars God of War
Space Riders
Black Knight 2000
Middle Earth
Space Invaders $15
Genie $10

Mike Tolley

Posted: 7 January 2022

For Sale: Williams/United 1977 original instruction manual and schematic for NUGGET shuffle alley. Good condition. $15 plus postage.

Bozeman, MT
Posted: 3 January 2022

Mata Hari backglass for solid state Bally pinball machine, $300.00. An original backglass in very good condition, with the inscription on the dagger.

Kathy Edwards
voice: 805-570-3223
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Posted: 28 December 2021

UPDATE 129, NOV 17-2021
Playfields or parts from playfields

Batman DE some parts left, no playfiled,
BK 2000, playfields sold, left some under playfield parts+ custom interconnect boards 2pcs
Banzai Run NO PLAYFIELD, has left some under playfield parts
Blackout williams NO PLAYFIELD, have left :sound boards + plastics + some hardware
Cyclone, ferris wheel assy without motor, no playfield, speaker panel
Dr Dude playfield stripped is sold, little triangle playfield + motor is left, some parts left
Eight Ball Champ Bally, NO PLAYFIELD. hardware machinery drop targets ( playfield plastics sold )
Firepower Williams 1980: NO PLAYFIELD, flat playfield plastics only + bumper caps
F 14, playfield stripped + 2 sling plastics sold, rest of the parts are available
Genessis partially populated
Getaway coils of ball accelerator, traffic light plastic, supercharger cover,,ask for more
Indiana Jones plastic speaker panel it is NOS but is not perfect flat,
Jokertz, playfield stripped is sold some parts left ( no ramps ) lift ramp without motor
Laser War DE playfield water damaged some plastics OK
Last action Hero playfield + some parts like double scoop, some plastics
Machine BOP, NO PLAYFIELD some parts only and head + motor, display assy + panel
Operation Thunder, NO PLAYFIELD only some plastics left and some machinery
Pin*bot, stripped playfield, left some plastics & machinery + 5 target slide assembly
Police force: NO PLAYFIELD, police car motor without gearbox
River Boat Gambler, NO PLAYFIELD, some parts,4 drop target assy, ask for other parts
Road kings:NO PLAYFIELD, some hardware only, upper black L shape ramp
Simpsons DE : only display assembly is left
Special force partially populated, playfield stripped is sold + ball through assy+plastic trees,, some parts left !!!
Star wars DE a few parts LEFT playfield stripped is sold ! BALL LAUNCH HANDLE assy
Truck Stop Bally, populated
Time machine DE, stripped playfield SOLD, some parts sold, ramps sold a few plastics left
TMNT, no turtles figures, stripped playfield is SOLD ! ramp sold ! some parts are left


Bride of Pinbot The Machine
Dr Dude without holo
Fun House
Hook / new topper
Huricane disc sticker NOS
Jurassik Park
Last Action Hero
Lethal weapon 3
Operation Thunder
Pinbot translite
Police Force
Road Kings plastic backglass
Star Wars DE
Surf'n safari
Simpsons DE translite
Truck Stop
For other titles please ask !


Batman DE

Operations Manuals

Bugs Bunny BB
Black Rose
Grand Lizard
Game show
High speed
Mousin Around
Machine BOP
Police Force

PCBs from Williams: Sys 11, 11A, 11B,11C Williams: sound, power
supply, PPB, display boards, ALL TESTED.
Williams sys 6,7 boards with parts missing.
Williams sys 7 Black Knight complete CPU working OK !
sys 9 MPU
Data East: MPU ver. 2 TESTED, power supply tested alpha & dmd, sound boards : first version & BSMT
Data East PPB driver board, fliptronic 2 & 3 flippers
6803 Bally MPU pcb & power supply pcb

WPC boards available: wpc CPU, WPC power driver board, wpc sound std, fliptronic board, used DMD's 128x32

NEW PINLED 2x16 alpha for sys 11b including police force taxi riverboat NEW !
192 X 64 used display for Sega

Funhouse & BOP complete display assy 2 X alpha board tested
Bally & Stern 6 digit numeric display assy boards
Gotlieb sys 1: 6 digit display assy
Zaccaria: 4 & 6 digit display glass only
Williams 6 digit master display board + 6 digit display + boards
Various motors + gearbox or without
Motor - CIRCUS VOLTAIRE Ringmaster #14-8035 & DR WHO Mini playfield motor
Motor (motorcycle movement ) NOS 041-5072-02 for Harley Davidson Stern
Stern coin door from the 80's without frame, very good condition
AS2518-35 & AS2518-17 NOT TESTED for parts only.

Gottlieb: Sys1 MPU not tested, Sys 80 A, B, sound sys 80, Sys3: audio analog
amplifier, regulator power supply
Feel free to ask for other parts not shown above !!
Please email for prices and pics, You will receive a very fast answer with all details.
I take PayPal. Doctor Pinball


Statement for some curious people : I do not part machines to sell them in parts all parts are bought from other people, which have parted them for various reasons.

Marius S
voice: 0040744863236, fax: 0040311076880
Bucharest, Romania 011681
Posted: 21 November 2021

Bingo Pinball Machine: COIN BOXES $20 plus shipping
You can measure inside your lower cabinet coin box location to have the correct fit for your game.

(2) 11 1/2w x 7 7/8L x 3 5/8h
(1) 9 3/4w x 10 1/2L X 3 7/8h
(2) 8 5/8w x 12 1/4L X 4 3/4h
(4) 9 3/8w x 11 1/8L x 5 7/8h (Lite a Line and other 6 card games)
(1) 9 5/8w x 11 1/8L x 5 1/8h (Bikini and other magic screen games)
(3) 10 1/2w x 10 1/4L x 3 5/8h
(1) 11 1/8w x 15 3/4L x 4h
(1) 6 1/4w x 10L x 5 1/4h (custom made with latch and lock door)

Vic Camp
34 Luisser St
Clifton, NJ 07012
Posted: 20 November 2021

I have a playfield plastic, and is probably from Nitro Ground shaker, or Power play. Says "ADVANCE RIGHT BONUS", AND HAS WHITE STARS ON TOP, AND 500 ABOUT CENTER. I COULD SEND PIX. Chances are, I have entire set, but, this is all that's available at this time.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 25 October 2021

A PinBot part....the large plastic with about 25-30 pegs, on right side. Also have the wire form that takes ball to right return lane. Please don't ask about non-listed parts. You WILL NOT get a reply, if you do. I have a few machines and parts. I AM NOT world's greatest doctor. We'll keep things simple.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 23 October 2021

Here we go, the complete single drop target assy. For Bally Space Invaders pinball. Ready to bolt up, attach wires and go to work.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 23 October 2021

Center ramp for Williams Comet. Not perfect. Not bad. Definitely usable.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 21 October 2021

I have in front of me a sound board with PROMs for Williams Stellar Wars. This board was used in Tri Zone and Flash, as well as others. It is rectangular shaped.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, KS 67213 USA
Posted: 17 October 2021

Somewhere around here, I have a spare lockdown rail for Capcom Break shot. I'd be willing to bet it's here. Finding it may take some time. I had a machine that had one, so the spare not needed. I think I still have the coin door COMPLETE with decal. One game got scrapped. Very little remains. PLEASE DON'T CALL ABOUT PARTS NOT LISTED. THIS WILL DELAY THE REAL DEAL.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213
Posted: 16 October 2021

Gottlieb Ice Fever backglass.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 15 October 2021

Found a pop bumper assy. for Eight Ball Deluxe. Everything, except bumper cap. I may have 1 more of these, at a later date. I know at least one is gone.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W. Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 13 October 2021

I have 4 slingshot plastics for Bally Eight Ball Deluxe. 2 for each side. Also have the wood front minus coin door for Williams Sorcerer. Getting a coin door would be possible. Also have Xenon main cabinet no backbox or playfield. Been stored since mid-90s.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 11 October 2021

I have a lockdown rail for a Gottlieb Card Trix or Lawman, as well as others. Early 70s. The total range of games this part fits is unknown. I may choose to keep this part, because, if I get these games back, be kinda nice to have one. Lawman had same playfield layout as the so popular and valuable Gottlieb Atlantis. Even though has cabinet damage, probably worth fixing. So, there it is. Good old me....always doing the stupid thing.

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 36.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213 USA
Posted: 5 October 2021

Plastic piece that says "CURSED EARTH" on Bally Judge Dredd. You hold it up to light, and small spots missing in paint. NOT BROKEN

Dan Tiemeyer
voice: 316.350.0808
615 W Kinkaid
Wichita, Kansas 67213
Posted: 4 October 2021

If you were unable to find what you are looking for you may want to contact one of the suppliers listed below.

Mayfair Amusement carries many parts, and has many more backglasses than anyone else.

Steve Young of The Pinball Resource--We recommend Steve to everyone. There are very few parts that anyone has that Steve does not have.

For Amusement Only, has machines, books, translites, and lots of other parts. The have been in the business for 25 years.

Marco Specialties carries almost everything and is very knowlegeable. They sell parts, machines, documentation, and promotional material.

S & B Amusements located at 9705 Burnet Road, Suite 417, Austin, Texas 78758. Phone: (512) 339-3227. Steve Bronson is one of the head guys there. He is a real nice guy to talk to and do business with.

Barry Engler, 4 Play Amusements, Inc., PO Box 87934, Carol Stream, IL 60188. They offer solid state repair along with restored pinball, video, and dart machines for sale. They also carry Tournaments, and Million Dollar Man Fooseball Tables.

Gemini Technologies--Manufacturers of cleaners, polishes, and waxes. They are most famous for CP-100 (the blue playfield cleaner). 1-800-397-3112

WICO claims to beat all prices with it's large inventory of parts and supplies for pinball, billiards, darts, foosball, shuffle board, jukeboxes, phono, vending, and amusement. For more information give them a call at 1-800-367-9426, or send email.

Bay Area Amusements - Internet Pinball Parts Superstore - thousands of new, used, reproduction, one of a kind NOS, etc - shop and buy on-line great customer service. Focused on providing all that you need for your game repair or restoration.

Mad Amusements - Over 500 game specific parts categories for simple shopping--great on-line ordering for parts and supplies.

Lakeside Pinball Parts - Offers free shipping to the Continental US (48 states) on orders over $100.00.

K's Arcade - The pinball board specialists with over 700 pinball boards, displays and electronic parts. Secure online ordering. Board repair services. Order toll free: 1-877-775-5399.

If you have a vote for another supplier to add to the list send us email and we will add them.

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