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Setting up free play on EM machines is best done by bridging the credit wheel zero position switch in the backbox. I believe this is best done by soldering a jumper in place. If the machine needs to be able to switch from credit to free play then you will need to run a couple of wires off the credit unit zero position switch to a switch that can force the circuit closed. I usually attach the new switch to the backbox panel with screws and put a label on it indicating freeplay ON <----> OFF.

To verify which switch on the credit unit is the correct zero position switch, manually step the unit down to zero. You should see one or two switches open when the zero position is reached. Place a strip of paper in one of the switches so it will not conduct when closed. Advance the unit so it has a few credits on it. Press the Start (credit) button. If nothing happens then you have identified the switch you need to use. If it starts a game, then slip the strip of paper in the other switch and try starting a game again.
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