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EM scoring reel or drum-type unit cleaning and maintenance

The most common problem with all of these type mechanisms is that the switches along the top are dirty or misadjusted causing reset problems. One of these switches is the zero position switch and will be open only when the reel is in zero position. Another one of the switches is the carry switch and will close only when the reel is in 9th position. This is the switch to check if the reel does not carry properly.

If the problem is match, high score award, or reel combinations (for slot-type reels) not working--then if the problem is on the score reels it will be related to the printed circuit board and the associated wiper.

First, check that all the jumpers and connections to the circuit board sides of the reels are there and good. These have been known to be missing jumpers from the factory! Check the solder connections to ensure that the problem is not just a broken wire. By far, most of these types of problems are wires broken at the solder joint.

If you need to go further, just pop out the spring clip, washer(s), and pull out the scoring reel. Watch for washers and springs that come out at this point. Clean the board and contacts with alcohol and then use the normal minimal coin-lube just before reassembly.

You should also check the EOS (end of stroke) switch--usually located near the solenoid--ensuring that it has the proper gap and is clean. If this switch is misadjusted it can cause the reel to appear to be loose and turn too far, or to not turn enough to step even one digit.
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