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Here is how to set up a game by yourself when the legs and head have been removed. First, make sure the body is standing up, laying on its back, with the coin door facing up. Put on the front legs. If you can't recall which are the front two, look at the leg levelers--the font legs are usually the shortest, so the levelers should be nearly all the way screwed in. Next tip the machine down so it leans on the front legs. You can then either lift the back end of the body and set it on your knee while you bolt on the rear legs, or you can set it on the head, which you have placed conveniently nearby, while you bolt on the rear legs. I don't recommend the 'head' method because, unless you have a pad or blanket, the head cabinet will get scuffed up. Once you have the rear legs on, then you can pull the power cord out and then bolt on the head.
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