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A few solid state games were fitted with headphone jacks. If you don't own one of these you may want to modify your solid state game to try it out.

Go to a place like Radio Shack, or better, and buy a single closed-circuit headphone jack. This type will shut off the pinball's speaker when the headphones are plugged in. You may also want to get headphones that have their own volume control, or buy an in-line unit to control volume.

The preferred installation location for the jack is on the front end of the bottom of the machine. Most people don't like the idea of altering visible portions of the cabinet.

When connecting the wires, but sure to pay attention to the positive and negative connections of the speaker wiring. For machines with digital stereo you will have to do a lot more wiring. Most solid state machines are monaural and you can just use a jumper on the jack to get output to both channels.

If you are not comfortable with patching into stereo outputs, you may not want to try this modification. Rumor has it that if wired incorrectly your sound board may be damaged. Also, it is recommended to use only stereo headphones (not monaural) or you may damage the sound board.
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