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Bally used the following coils in their EM pinballs
A-25-850           Outhole Kicker
A-25-950           Outhole Kicker
A-25-1000          Thumper Bumper
A-26-1100          Outhole Kicker
A-26-1200          Sling Shot
A-27-1100          Kickout
AF-25-500/28-1000  Flipper
AF-25-600/28-800   Flipper
AF-25-600/31-1000  Flipper
AF-26-650/28-800   Flipper
AF-26-750/28-800   Flipper
AF-27-1000/32-1300 Flipper
AK-27-1300         Knocker
AP-25-850          Outhole Kicker
AP-26-1200         Disappearing Post
AP-27-1300         Thumper Bumper, Sling Shot
B-26-1100          Ball Count, Bonus, Credit Units Step-Up
B-27-1300          Free Ball Escape, Stepping Unit
C-27-1000          Knocker
C-28-1100          Ball Count, Bonus, Credit Units Reset
CB-31-2000         Bell
CC-31-2000         Chime
CD-29-1600         Ball Count, Bonus, Credit Units Step-Up
CG-29-1600         Chime
N-21-650           Drop Target
N-24-800           Drop Target
Pinball Trader Newsletter, #24--July 1990, pp. 18
If you can't read a coil wrapper, check the schematic for the correct coil type.
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