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Gottlieb, like every other manufacturer, changed leg styles from time to time. If you've got a Gottlieb without legs, here's how to tell what you should have. This is a list of generally what styles were in use and when. There were some single game variations, but this list is the best information currently available.

Wooden legs: Humpty Dumpty (10/1947) to Gladiator (1/1956)
Metal, red, wide, 31": Easy Aces (12/1955) to Classy Bowler (7/1956)
Metal, red, 31": Auto Race (9/1956) to Flagship (1/1957)
Metal, cream, 31": Ace High (2/1957) to Flipper--woodrail (11/1960)
Metal, chrome, 31": Flipper--wedge head (11/1960) to Goldstrike (11/1975)
Metal, chrome, 28-1/2": Spirit of '76 (3/1976) to Barb Wire (5/1996)

Jon Norris
pinGame journal, #34, September/October 1994, pp. 7
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