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When an electromechanical pinball lights up, but doesn't even make a sound when you push the start button, check the following:

1. Check all your fuses. You should have a main panel somewhere just inside the coin door. You should have a slip of paper glued behind or next to the fuses so you can tell what ratings of fuses to use for each position. Replace blown fuses with ones of the appropriate rating and try starting the game again.

2. Take off the back door and look and the credit unit. By hand turn the wheel, adding more credits to the game. It should turn freely (easily) in this one direction only. Try starting the game again.

3. Open the coin door and look at the inside of the credit button assembly and see that the switch makes contact when the button is pressed.

4. Check that all the plugs and connectors with more that one pin are plugged in. There are 3 main groups of connectors to check--the lower area of the backbox, the back area of the main cabinet, and the front area of the main cabinet. Be careful when handling these connectors and always use two hands as they are a little fragile and can break.

All the other reasons for this problem are specific to each game and manufacturer. These are usually bad relays, switches, motor switches are such and require close inspection of almost all relays and switches, or a schematic.
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