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Here's some reasons for weak flippers on electromechanicals.

Your voltage could be low. Check the voltage with a meter. If low check the transformer tap and see if the line is connected to the low line rather than the high.

Even if your voltage is high enough your amps could be limited due to a bad connection with your fuses. See if one is getting hot. If so, clean the contact areas on both the fuse block and the fuse itself.

Check to see that the flipper mechanism is not physically binding, or that the linkages are too loose. This many require tightening some things up, or getting replacements that are not worn.

See that the flipper return springs are not wound too tight. This is a common problem on Gottlieb flippers. The springs should be just tight enough to return the flippers to resting position when the playfield is down. When the playfield is up, it is okay to have them not return all the way. You may need to change what screw with which the springs are fastened to the flipper bushing.

Check the end-of-stroke, EOS, switch that it is clean. It is okay to file this. Be sure that it is gapped properly and opens at least 1/16" when the flipper is fully engaged.

You might also want to check the flipper button switches themselves to see that they are clean also.

Also check the coil itself to see that the heavy gauge (power) winding is engaging. If the wire or solder joint is broken then you may only be getting power through the hold (weak, thin gauge) winding. This may also happen if the EOS switch is always open.
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