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Backglasses can be cleaned on the back, but only very carefully in the clear areas, such as the tiny little windows where the scoring reels or displays show. Any cleaning in other areas may damage the ink, or white mask such that you will greatly regret even having considered cleaning it.

I recommend using Q-tips and rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner sparingly to the clear areas only. Apply the cleaner to the Q-tip only and then rub slowly and carefully with the Q-tip. Do not spray the cleaner directly on the glass. Be careful not to use so much liquid that it drips. You must not let the Q-tip or cleaner touch the edge of the white mask or any ink. I prefer using a very bright light up close to ensure that I get it clean and don't goof. Usually it takes several Q-tips and to do it right. Use a lot of patience and you will be pleased with the results.
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