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When a Gottlieb electromechanical is not matching, there are two likely problems.

1. The 00-90 unit tiny wiper arm may not pressing against the printed circuit board. If it is too tight it will never turn. If it is too loose it will not make good contact. Tighten it by using a switch adjustment tool and bend the fixed metal arm that holds the wiper arm on. If you have a large 0-9 unit then you likely don't have this problem, because the larger unit uses a different mechanism as a wiper arm.

2. You may have loose or broken match wires on the 00-90 (or 0-9 for those that match only a single digit) scoring reel unit. Especially check the wire labeled 'C' since this affects all matches. The connection on these match wires are known to break loose and some will appear to be connected, but the solder is turning freely in the circuit board connection hole.

Other problems are certainly possible with the match circuit, but they would require a schematic to identify several obscure switches, including one on the score motor, and are much less likely than the above two.
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