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Before I preserve my backglasses, I treat the flaking areas with Krylon Acrylic Craft Spray. My reason is that much of the time, while trying to apply any sealant, those really loose flakes will break off and move with the flow.

First, I place the backglass on a flat level surface.
Second, I mask off the clear score areas. I have used low tack tape or cardboard just lying on top of these areas. This will allow removal right after spraying.
Third, properly shake the can, and raise the can to a level that will allow a soft spray to gently fall on the really badly flaking areas. After it dries a more direct application can be made.
Fourth, I always remove the masking material between coats. Any spray in clear areas can be carefully removed with a razor blade. (I have noticed that I can push some of the flakes back into place. You have to gauge this yourself.)

Notes: I have covered whole backglasses with this method and had excellent results. No yellowing and good durability.
Remember: Be patient!! One light coat at a time. Too much will make your flaking areas pool up.

I have sprayed backglasses this way for 3 years. I have not done anything else to them and they are in great shape. I have also applied sealant over the acrylic and have had no problems.

John De Luca

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