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If you electromechanical is not matching, check the following:

1. Your match on/off plug/switch is usually located in the back box, and should be clearly labeled. See that this is set to MATCH ON.

2. The credits on the machine may be maxed out, so it cannot award another credit. Also, the switch indicating that the credits are maxed out may be open when it should not be. Check the credit wheel for this.

2. The tens digit reel match circuit has a problem. Check the solder connections on the edges of the reel unit PCB--these are the most common problem.

3. Check the match unit that the wiper contacts are clean and pressing against the PCB just enough. You will probably have to disassemble the drum unit to do this properly.

4. Beyond these you'll probably need a schematic to trace the proper motor switch and a few other possibilities.
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