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If your machine won't turn on, meaning it doesn't even light up, the there are several possibilities.

When plugged in older EM games will light up when you drop a coin, triggering the coin switch, or just by pressing the left flipper button. Also, some games will not light up unless the coin door is closed.

Often the problem with a machine not lighting up is that the line cord or plug is bad. Inspect the cord to see if it may have internal breaks or obvious cuts. Also, check that the wall plug has power.

You could also have a bad power switch. Try wiggling the switch to see if that makes a difference. You may need to put a jumper across the switch terminals to see if that allows the machine to turn on.

Lastly, check all your fuses. Most machines will have a main fuse near the transformer, plus some near the coin door, and some inside the backbox. Usually, the playfield will have a fuse or two, but those are always unrelated to the main power. Newer games have a small metal box just inside the coin door that contains the main fuse, and a power outlet.
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