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Williams used a paper dummy reel sticker on their mid-1970s EMs. The numbers on this often are faded and look awful.

Carefully peel off the sticker, trying to keep it in one piece. Many of these games with these stickers are 4-player games so you have four chances to get a good peeled sticker. Photocopy the best sticker. If you can get a good clean dark copy that is best, but if not, you'll have to take a fine point dark pen and darken the copy and try another copy. If you have some clear self-adhesive mylar you can coat the copy, but it is not necessary. Cut out the sticker shape and glue it to the dummy reel using any long-lasting glue product, like YES brand glue, or Duro.

I made several copies of a sheet of four stickers and keep these on file for when I need these stickers. That way I don't have to redo the entire process again.
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