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Sometimes you need a very small vacuum cleaner, usually to reach in tiny little crevasses that you cannot reach with a conventional vacuum hose or attachment. Take a plastic straw (I prefer the bendable type) and wrap some modeling clay or Play-Doh around it in about a one and a half inch ball. Stuff the straw and ball assembly on the end of a vacuum cleaner hose. To help this makeshift attachment work, you may want to assist it by stroking the dust and dirt near the straw tip with a small paint brush to loosen it.

I once had a Gottlieb wedge-head that had sat without a playfield glass in a carpenter's shop and was drowning in sawdust. Without a mini-vacuum I would never have been able to get the large relay bank clean!

If you have compressed air you can more easily and quickly blow out this type of dust, but you run into the problem of just moving the dust to somewhere else!
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