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Old Gottlieb System 1 backglasses had a problem in that the blue-green display filter that was silkscreened on the backglass is easily damaged by moisture or scratches. You can easily fix this by first carefully removing the blue stuff with a razor. Any remaining residue can be dissolved with rubbing alcohol. Be careful with the alcohol that you don't get it on anything but the blue stuff, or you may lose part of your backglass artwork.

Go to a theatre supply house and ask for Lee Filters Theatre Gel #116 (greener) or #172 (bluer). Both hues are extremely close to the original tint, and are difficult to tell from the original. They come is a sheet about 24" x 18", so you can do many games with a single sheet. Cut pieces from a sheet of gel to 1-3/4" x 6" and tape the gel on the back of the backglass using a couple of small pieces of high quality clear mylar packing tape. This tape won't cause problems with your glass, nor will it fall off.
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