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A worn outhole on a Gottlieb EM can cause a really annoying problem where the ball drops in the outhole but doesn't get properly seated on the kicker arm. The arm tries to fire the ball to the plunger but the ball keeps banging the underside of the card holder and drops back into the worn area of the outhole again and again. An easy fix is to take an old switch blade and cut it down to a couple inches or so, including the end with the two large mounting holes. Remove the card holder and uncrew the single wood screw holding the ball trough at the outhole end. Bend the end of the switch blade at a 45 degree angle, and slide the blade between the playfield and the ball trough, lining up a mounting hole with the ball trough screw hole. The bent end of the blade should be pointing down into the right side of the outhole. Trim and bend as needed to be sure the blade doesn't interfere with the kicker arm or the outhole switch. Replace and tighten the ball trough screw and the ! problem is fixed.

Tim Meighan

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