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Sometimes a metal coil sleeve becomes so worn that it causes sluggish action on a flipper, bumper, or kicker. When you try to remove the sleeve to put in a new one, the sleeve is totally seized up and just won't come out. The solution is to wrap one hand around the coil and activate the switch that turns it on. Keep it on for 10 or 20 seconds. You will feel the coil start to get very warm inside your hand. Before it gets too warm to keep your hand around it, turn the coil off and quickly grab the flanged end of the sleeve with pliers or vicegrips. Still holding the coil, rotate and pull on the sleeve and it should come out fairly easily (the heat frees up the sleeve).

WARNING: This is an advanced tip. Only do this if you are comfortable working around the inside of a machine that is powered up. Also, keeping the coil energized for too long will destroy it, so be really careful when you do this.

Tim Meighan

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