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If you have ever touched up your backglass and still been able to see where you painted you will like this suggestion:

Put tin foil over the back of your touched up area to keep any light from passing through. If you have matched the paint well, even a large touched up area will be hard to spot. This works best where there were hairline cracks where light was not supposed to shine through anyway.

There are lots of different ways to attach the foil depending on the size of the area: Small pieces of two sided carpet tape in each corner of the foil, a small glop of clear nail polish in each corner. You could also use sticky back laminate and laminate a piece of tin foil, cut it to the shape you want and stick it on! If you want to cover up cracks at the bottom of a Williams or Bally, you can slide a big piece under the backglass lift out strip and you don't have to stick it on the backglass. If the touchup is in an area that was not originally silvered, you can still use this method.

This works much better than removing some light bulbs because even if you remove all the light bulbs except the score reel bulbs, some light will show through your touch ups.

Pete McDonald

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