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I have discovered a great two-step process that saves lots of time and elbow grease when doing a thorough restoration on Gottlieb pins with copper plated parts.

First, soak the parts in a solution of 'Zep All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner' and warm water. Follow the instructions on the bottle. The 'Zep' does a great job removing most of the tarnish and the factory coating that I suspect was applied to retard tarnishing of these parts. Do not soak the parts any longer than 4 hours or so; if you do, the plating itself will start to come off! Remove the parts from the solution, rinse them under warm running water, and set them aside to dry.

Next, polish the parts with 'Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish'. This polish will restore the copper plating to an incredible shine and luster. It doesn't take too much rubbing, since most of the gunk was removed by the solution in Step 1. You can find the citrus cleaner in large 'refill' size bottles at Home Depot. The polish can be found in the 'waxes and polish' section of most good auto stores.

You'll be amazed at how great these parts come out using this process.

Joe Rothdeutsch

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