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Anybody who has ever had to remove a rusty frozen leg adjuster knows how tough it is. To make the job a snap, I`ve come up with an easy method. Clamp the leg in a vice, with the adjuster angled down and close to the vice jaw. Then hammer on the caster till it breaks off. This will now leave a 'ball' end on the threaded stud. If there is a nut between this 'ball' end and the bottom of the leg, you now can use a heavy duty ratchet with either a 9/16" or 5/8" socket to back out the stud. This is very easy if you have an air or electric impact wrench. Make sure that if there is another nut on the top end, you either take it off or loosen it and hold it with a wrench while backing out the bottom nut. Of course, it helps to spray on a little penetrating oil first. If there is no bottom nut, then you can back out the stud with a vice grip. For extra hard frozen studs--Using a small propane torch, heat the stud and the bottom of the leg, this will make the stud unscrew very easy. If you use the 'torch' method, MAKE SURE TO WIPE UP THE OIL RESIDUE BEFORE USING ANY HEAT. New levelers are available for about 60 cents each.

Ed Burton

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