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Grounding EM pinballs is an essential safety procedure especially if the game will be played by children. Often, a machine is located on a concrete floor in a garage or basement. If a child (or anyone, for that matter) comes in with bare, wet feet and plays a game located in a basement or garage with a concrete floor, they risk receiving a bad electric shock.

I once received a bad shock by touching the low voltage terminals on a garage door opener with wet feet on a concrete floor. By installing a 3-wire cord set, grounding the transformer, and all metal parts, you can keep your games safe as well as fun to play. However, from a service standpoint, grounding the side rails on the game can actually be hazardous. If you are poking around inside the game with the playfield up, you may have an arm resting on the side rail. If you are perspiring, your bare arm is completing a path through the grounded side rail, thus subjecting you to a shock risk. You should install an interlock which will interrupt the ground to the side rails when the playfield is lifted up. Although most of the circuits in an older EM pin operate on low voltage, the current is sufficient to be hazardous or even deadly if it is conducted through your body to ground.

Joe Rothdeutsch

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