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On Gottlieb games that use a large solenoid, some operating at 110 volts, to reset the drop target bank, or a sequence bank ("Card Whiz's" Joker bonus, for example) these solenoids don't have the regular end of stroke switch used on the control bank that breaks the circuit as soon as it's reset (when in proper adjustment!). Instead, relying on the motor, and another relay that doesn't sense end of stroke, but only the motor contacts. This results in a timed circuit independent of actual reset time conditions.

To avoid metal fatigue and noisy operation, with power off, loosen the 4 screws securing the reset solenoid(s), then press the plunger down to it's limit by hand, pressing on the back of the solenoid at the same time, then move the whole assembly together back until the bank just latches reset. Now tighten the screws. Note that now the solenoid should bottom before the bank linkage, but still provide enough stroke for a successful reset. Some tweaking might be needed! In any event, when the machine is again played, there should be no loud "humm-buzz", just a small "clunk" when these reset.

I only write this because it IS a precise adjustment (and all too easy to just set the thing to "bottom" the bank, no regard for the stresses over time); and most of the old Gottliebs I've seen have had this set where the solenoid is still pulling on the "bottomed" bank, resulting in a loud, violent (for a pinball's "internal workings" noise) reset. On drop targets, this can loosen the riveted-spot welded channel iron covering the lever, if it falls off entirely, the edge of the remaining lever will wear slots in the metal fingers that reset each drop target, and require frequent adjustment. As parts are becoming difficult to find, it's worth the extra effort to go beyond "functional", and make these parts "happy". Gottlieb designed them to last!


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