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The following information is taken from the January 1975 Gottlieb Atlantis manual. This may be helpful when debugging a startup problem with this or other Gottlieb single-player games from the same period.

1. Inserting a coin or pushing the replay button actuates 'S' relay (Start relay).
2. This relay will lock-in through its own switch and a motor 2B switch.
3. The following sequence takes place through the closed switches on 'S' relay.
3a. The motor starts running.
3b. The total play meter, and reset 'Ball Count' unit, subtract 'Replay' unit and 'A' relay coil are actuated by a switch on motor 2C.
3c. The target bank is reset by a separate switch on motor 2C.
4. When 'A' relay is actuated, it is locked in by the armature of 'A' relay reset coil. Through closed switches the score units reset to zero through a switch on motor 1A. When all units are reset and motor 2B makes, 'A' relay reset coil is actuated. This release the armature on 'A' relay and opens the switches. The reset cycle is now complete.
5. Place the ball in the out hole. When the ball makes the ball return switch, 'O' relay is actuated and locks in through the normally closed switches on 'A' relay and motor 2B. 'O' relay runs the motor. Motor 4C actuates the ball across the trough switch which steps the ball count unit once, indicating first ball in play. The ball is now in the runway and ready to be shot onto the playfield.
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