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http:/, run by Clay has several excellent pinball repair guides each of which include lots of photos and can be downloaded and printed in one piece. The following are just some of the topics included on the website. Other restoration articles are added from time to time.

1947-1978 EM (Electro-Mechanical) Repair Guide (Tips for fixing electro-mechanical flipper pinballs such as Buckaroo and Capt. Fantastic)

1977-1985 Bally/Stern Repair Guide (Classic Bally games like KISS, Xenon, and 8 Ball)

1980-1989 Gottlieb System 80 Repair Guide (Great games such as Haunted House and Black Hole)

1990-1999 Williams/Bally WPC Repair Guide (Funhouse to Cactus Canyon)

Pinball Restoration Guide (Includes touching up the backglass and playfield, and clear coating ('DiamondPlating') a playfield using Varathane)

Clear Coating Playfields with Automotive Clears (An extension of the above Restoration document. Describes 'DiamondPlating' a playfield using Automotive clears, instead of Varathane)

Gottlieb Roto-Target Restoration (Instructions for re-facing your worn Gottlieb roto-targets)
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