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The dimensions of a typical Williams/Ball WPC-style (1990s) game (not a wide-body, but close) are shown in the two figures below. Most other games are roughly the same size. Data East/Sega games tend to be a little taller. Older 4-player games such as electromechanicals are a little wider at the head around 30" to 30-1/2", but are close in the other dimensions.

The dimensions of a WPC-style game in packed position (head folded down, legs removed, laying on its back) ready to be moved on a dolly, are shown below. This is useful for knowing whether you have enough room to move a machine though a narrow doorway, stairway, etc. This diagram is really only meaningful for machines manufactured since about 1985 when folding heads were introduced, since earlier games are designed to have the heads removed for moving.

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