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I've several mid '70s Gottliebs, and have noticed lately that there is some fading on a few of the backglasses; not 'general' fading, but small random squares, about an inch. Upon investigation, the cause was found to be the small black rubber pieces on the lightboard, that press on the backside of the glass. I opened the board (Like when you replace a light in the backbox), and it was stuck to the glass (again!), but this time the rubber separated, some of it sticking to the glass. These machines only see 'seasonal' use, and during winter the room temperature gets down to the 50s. I recommend removing these randomly installed rubber pieces, and use foam weatherstripping, with the exposed side having a clear plastic coating, so the foam-rubber doesn't touch the glass directly, just around the perimeter of the lightboard; that should be enough support for the tempered glass (1970s and newer) in normal places.


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