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In the late 1960s an old operator taught me how to 'lay down' flaking paint on old backglasses. Remove the glass from the machine and place it on a table top. Take a spray can of clear urethane spray and spray it parallel to the glass so that the urethane 'rains down' onto the glass. Do not spray the glass as the paint flakes will 'fly away.' The spray will soften the paint and keep it somewhat together pending the next step. Then take some liquid urethane and pour it onto the damp glass. Take a piece of plastic wrap, like Saran Wrap(TM), and lay it over the wet glass. Use a hard rubber roller and roll the soften paint back down onto the glass. Allow the urethane to dry with the wrap attached. The plastic wrap will detach itself when the urethane dries. Do not remove it before it dries or the paint will come off with it. The result is certainly not perfect but it was enough to keep old games in service back in the 60s, and it was enough to turn a parts machine into a great home unit.

Jeff Chapnick
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