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'AS' relays with 0-9 discs and wipers were used for match units and feature steppers on later model EM Gottliebs. The wiper is a small metal stamping with sharp edges whose center 'post' eventually cuts into the sides of the slotted nylon drive hub. This makes it impossible to adjust the unit so that the discs and wipers are in alignment. If you are handy with a soldering iron, a good fix is to remove the wiper, cut a straight piece of thin bus wire slightly shorter than the center post of the wiper, and tack-solder the wire along the top side of the center post. Keep the solder off the rest of the wiper, although a bit of overflow is OK as the thrust washer used with the wiper will prevent binding. You can set the angle of the wire slightly forward of the original post position if needed to get the wiper back into alignment. You may have to try a few different 'adjustment angles' of the wire to get perfect disc/wiper alignment, but it is possible. The bus wire also prevents further cutting of the nylon hub, making the unit more reliable.

Tim Meighan

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