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Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish is GREAT stuff. It 'melts' the top layer of oxidized metal and removes it leaving a very shiny result. I use it for:
  1. Chrome playfield parts (kickouts, light housings, gates, etc)
  2. Aluminum playfield posts (they come out better/faster than vibrator).
  3. Side rails and lock-down bars (chrome only - not black or colored)
  4. Ramp aprons (removes the rust - but sometimes the blueing too)
  5. Plastic ramps (melts and removes embedded metal ball trails)
  6. Embedded metal ball trails on the playfield (does not harm clearcoated playfields - use carefully on older playfields)
  7. Hard to replace solenoid plungers on old EMs (leaves them shiny and slippery without lubing)
  8. Polish new pinballs
  9. Polish Twilight Zone power balls (removes surface metal scum)
Put it on, wipe it around with a rag or your fingers, wipe off the black residue. Many auto parts stores carry it (Auto Zone, NAPA, etc.) Use sparingly - one small container lasts a long time.

Ronald Kral

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