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Be Sure to Mark Connectors

If you have to disconnect a wire connector inside a pinball machine, I recommend that you mark the connector housing. I recommend that you mark assembly and board connectors for two reasons. The first reason is two fold - expediency and assuredness. You can correctly replace the connector faster if you have labeled it. The second reason is that there are, sometimes, errors and omissions in manuals. If you use the manual as a guide when replacing the connectors, you can't always count on the manual to be one hundred percent correct.

When disconnecting wires in your pinball game, pull on the body of the connector and not the wires. Then, immediately, label the connector. I do not recommend the use of paper labels. They dry up and fall off. Instead, use black indelible ink on white connectors and silver ink on black connectors.

You can mark assembly connectors with their feature designation. (i.e. ULVUK Upper Left Vertical Up Kicker) And, mark board connectors with their location. (i.e. J112)

Most, but not all, connectors are keyed. So they will only go back together one way. Connectors that are not keyed by shape or stops can also be labeled with a polarity mark. Use a single stripe that goes over both connector halves. When its time to reconnect the halves, all you have to do is complete the line.

Todd "PinTed" Andersen
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