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Once, I was trying to find an intermediate short on the 50 volt line feeding the coils, not the flippers, I would be playing and all of a sudden a fuse would blow, and you couldn't continue the game. I remembered a tip about finding a short on a video monitor. It was to put a 40 watt light bulb in series with the power in. When there was a short the light would be bright, when the short was removed, the light when dim. So I made a ''string'' of two small 25 volt bulbs in series and jumped them ''across'' the fuse holder. They were bright and I started looking around the playfield for the short. I finally found that the ''wire-gate'' piece for the ball return to the shooter lane was hitting the coil for the kick-out coil! This tip sure helps find shorts and saves a lot on fuses! The pin game was ''WHITEWATER'' by Williams.

Rob Hedval

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