Informix OnLine Dynamic Server Handbook

Typo and Formatting Corrections

This page contains corrections to the various typos and other formatting oddities that crept into the first printing of the first edition of the book. As the manuscript was prepared, I was always amazed at what happened to the text between each interation of printer’s proofs. It seemed like there was always something wrong somewhere.

In retrospect though, I guess it is to be expected since they were trying to readjust text and images to take into account the changes that occurred in the proofreading and review process. Somewhere, some piece of text had to get stepped on in the process.

Luckily none of the errors altered the meaning of the sentence in any significant way. The corrections to be made are either underlined or in italics.

page 3, second paragraph, first sentence:

In this section, I’ll cover the basics of the . . . .

page 7, the last line of the page should include the chapter number:

. . . are covered in Chapter 8, Enhancing Performance.

page 70, bottom of Table 3.1, the description for the "Exit" top-level ring option should read

"Exits onmonitor".

page 120, the last code block is missing the "creation" flag (underlined). It should read

onspaces -c -b blob_world \
-p /usr/informix_72/amazon/ama_chnk_3 -s 1000000 \
-o 0 -g 3

page 134, first paragraph following the Note, the command shown is

onmode -u. It should be onstat -u.

Page 137, fifth bullet in the summary should read:

Activity in user-directed temporary tables will be logged . . .

page 171, second paragraph of the committed read description should read:

The instance checks to see if a shared lock . . .

page 173, Table 5-3, description of Enabled mode, second sentence

The words "update", "delete", and "insert" should be in courier font to denote SQL commands.

page 173, Table 5-3, description of Filtering mode, first sentence should read:

The instance acts as if the indexes or constraints . . .

page 446, 2/3 of the way down the page,

Gary’s name is indented denoting his reply. It should be flush left and in a bold typeface.

page 447, second paragraph, second sentence:

Goetz Graefe-he was a Portland State University professor here and also . . . .

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