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Stories from Montefrío
I. Montefrío, Last Stop II. The House at the Corner of Jesus
III.The Butcher Who Sang Like a Bird IV. Flamenco Summer
V. The Englishman Goes Away VI. Visitor From the Past
VII. The Boat Leaves from Denia VIII. El Cortijo de los Siete Olivos
Christmas at the Cortijo
Jamón, Jamón
What to Eat in the "Real" Spain
Mayonnaise or Mahonesa?
What is "Flamenco?"
My Friends the Gypsies
Una breve historia de Montefrío (Spanish)
The Danger of Shining News from Montefrío

Lorenzo's Art

Montefrío Landscape | Barrio Gitano

Lawrence Bohme is a British author, poet and artist living in Andalusia, Spain. Much like Ernest Hemingway, Lawrence writes about the rich Spanish culture and history. He lives in the romantic little village of Montefrío, in the province of Granada. You can read more about Lawrence.

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