My friend Chadd and I make videos for fun. We're not Francis Ford Copola or James Cameron, but we're getting better with each long project we work on.

Below are some QuickTime, AVI and RealVideo clips of projects I've worked on.

If your modem is not fast enough for you to play the RealVideo stream in real time, download the RealVideo file instead.

Amaze O Cut

Amaze O Cut is a fast-paced parody of those annoying special-offer product advertisements seen all-too-often on late-night television. ``Practically Amazing!''

Completed December 1998

Amaze O Cut
Driving PSA

Our first digitally-edited film. Driving PSA lets you relive the nightmare of the public service announcements you used to watch in high school Health classes.

Completed April 1998

Driving PSA
A Guy and a
Personal Computer

A young man finds himself in a romantic situation... with his computer.

Completed June 1997

Guy and a PC
If You Carrot All

As our first real production together, we made If You Carrot All using Chadd's new Sony 8mm camcorder in about 3 hours one chilly winter night.

Completed January 1995

If You Carrot All