XMission Palace has Midi!!
there are 3 different ways to hear midi at XMission Palace
depending on your personal preferences or client version for playing midi

Browser Play Method

Download and install

Server Downloads
3.5 clients

This uses a web browser
with a midi plugin into play midis
While in a room at Xmission and you see this icon:
click it to open your web browser to a page where you can select a midi to play with your browser, then switch back to palace & you are good to go till you need to hear another one.

If people in the room key a midi via the )midiname.mid command OBVIOUSLY you will not hear it because you are using only a browser to play it...


Older PC clients cannot download midis with a .mid extension from the server.

Older Mac clients (2.5)can Play Midi WITH a .mid extension IF they have the mmmmm for mac plugin.

XMission will NOT dump alot of broken midis onto Mac people by removing the extension & then do server downloads just for PC people...

What you can do is:
download our .zip archive and manually install our midis into your
palace/media/xmission/sounds folder.

Then inside palace if you see our Juke box icon

you can say "next" to play random midis OR do a )midifilename.mid to play a midi.
XMission is compatable with the older clients but We have made every effort to NOT FORCE unwanted 3.5 media & sounds onto you via the server.

For Both Mac & PC when you see a button like above in a room, click the D/L side to download it. this will install the rooms midi in your xmission/ sounds folder so you never have to d/l it again or mess with it.

Click the Play side after you see a recieved file status message. and it will play.

Our midis have the .mid extension. this way the 3.5 mac client can route the midi to their chosen midi helper application,
and the PC users will be able to tell if its a midi or a traditional palace wav, which has NO extension.

we recommend using the 3.5 clients!!! the above Button will check to see if you are an older version and NOT auto download to you if you are not a 3.5 client user.

 TIP to make a midi available via a )midiname.mid command at all other palaces...move the midi file to your DEFAULT palace/sounds folder

For more info on how to hear midis we make available please see one of the following pages

Mac Midi Info
Includes MMMMM Info! & Downloads for Macintosh users.
Confused on how to set you intenet config panel to route midi?
this page may help.

PC Wintel Midi Info


Also More Info on how to play midi in Palace can be found in
The Palace Midi Guide by Sparkle

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