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file download 326k for 38 midis
Freshness date 7/25/98
These files must be unzipped and put in your Palace/Media/Sounds folder in order to play. Remember, these midi files must be extracted into Palace/Media/Sounds, NOT Palace/Media/PalaceName/Sounds. Don't remove the "mid" extension like you do wav files.


Midi Contols at XMission
At XMission Rooms that have this icon, are scripted to allow you play a random midi.. like a juke saying the word "next"
Win users Or Mac users with MMMMM installed may access this feature in some chat rooms
And EVERYONE will be able to hear the same music
(If you have downloaded & installed our midi )
Note: At some Palaces, midis are set to automatically download to wavs.....XMission is not set up to do that so getting the download above or using the Browser in a room are the only ways to hear our midis.... or
you may use the standard palace midi commands to key midis by name.

If you do not wish to download & install our midis you can hear them via your web browser by clicking on the "net note" icon in some chat rooms.
Hear what we have available now if you like

Complete Info on how to play midi in the Palace in Windows & Win 95/NT can be found in
The Palace Midi Guide by Sparkle

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