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What is "Palace"

Palace is the name for a type of Graphic/ Avatar based Chat world, which uses the Palace Software to create a graphically rich, sound enhanced, customized chat environment.
Users wear & create custom Avatars to represent them online.

Like IRC users choose a Nickname.
Palace looks like a blend of IRC +MUD's+ Net enabled Games.
Palace is a space to meet & interact with people from around the world.
Palace is NOT VRML or 3d Space but makes use of simple fast downloading gifs easily customized or created in almost any modern graphic program.
100's of Palaces exist on the net any any given moment.

Palace puts the 'space' in cyberspace.. & the 'room' in chat room.

What is "XMission Palace"

The XMission Palace is an internet graphical chat server.

It's called XMission because XMission Internet Access hosts the Server

It is non commercial (we ain't selling nothing but fun!)

It is an eclectic mix of original 3D Rendered Illustrations
created specially for the server
Each illustration represents a chat room where visitors are superimposed over the graphics And chat with or socalize via their home computers, with other people connected to the server via the net.

To see what our palace looks like inside
and has to offer visit our preview pages.
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The XMission Palace is built and run by
Troy Lunt an XMission user on a Volunteer basis
(Troys Palace Nickname (online identity) is Tybalt )
Troy/Tybalt is NOT a representative of XMission Internet Access but provides the graphics & scripting for the server....because XMission ROCKS!

XMission Internet Access hosts the Server
Any questions, ideas or requests for help can be sent to palace@xmission.com



Because I can!!
XMission Palace is created for the use of XMission Subscribers and All Palace users from across the world.
It is for fun!! free entertainment.

"oh brave new worlds!!!"

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