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Palace Links, Web Sites & Directorys

Palace Directorys

Home Page
Links , Support, And Home to the
Palace Solidarity Movement.
Considered to be the new central site for all things palace.

Palacetools New Palace Directory
New palace directory listing all sites

Link Up For Life graphics:
graphics for the solidarity Movement
and the cc letter which spawned it.

Unnofficial Pal Directory:
HotCity PalaceZone
Classics Site List
World Palace Directory
Kaitlyns Palace Additions Directory
Dojo Directorys & Site
The unofficial palace top 100 site

Palace Planet

PCG Bulletin Board

AGC- Adult Gold Communities
large community of diverse palaces, convenient ratings system in place for content.

Adult Gold Communities Palace Hub

The Kia Sequoia Villiage
The Palace Connection


PalaceNewz Directory
Creations PropaHolics Directory (Prop Palace Listings )
Family Palaces Directory (Family Palace Listings)



Dreamland Palace Website

Palace Zines

Palace For MAC Users Web pages

[ inchat magazine ]


Mac Palace Page by Kyderdog Dan
Home of the Mac Palace FAQ & lots of stuff for Mac Palations.
Macintosh Palace FAQ

Mac installation & Tweaks Guide for New users

IMPORTANT Host file for mac 3.5 clients

 Graphics Sound & IPTscrae Info

Ipt scrae Sites

Iptscrae Programming By Tandika
the real deal

Dr X's House of Props & Bots
by "Mr Smarty Ipt" himself DR X.

Ori's Palace Instructions
Clear Clean In-depth instructions on how to script your server!
An Oasis of clarity in a sea of iptscrae confusion! Terrific!


Hex Script Spot

Nexus Scripts

Media & Sound

The Palace Midi guide By Sparkle
Very useful MIDI info! The BEST Site for Midi in Palace! on the net.

Sparkles Palace Funhouse By Sparkle
Ta rah rah Boom dee ay! Figure out Paint Shop Pro today!
Lets make some pix OK?...this website rocks hurray!

Sparkles,The Palace Mall

MMMMM for Macintosh
Plug in to midi with this hack to make the
Macintosh Palace Client
More midi compatable.!!!
a Must Have for 2.5 client users.

More Palace Web pages

Palace Misc Stuff

Terminus' Palace freebies
free room pix! by gothika god

The Pshycology of cyberspace Palace study

a Palace Guide and Information
Nice site for beginners

jbum palace history

The Palace Pro Shop
Useful ipt 101 info Interesting tid bits.

Palace Building For Beginners

Jades Palace Pages

Kaitlyns Palace Additions

Photoshop graphics For Palace By Stu

Ali Co Pal Utils

PC first time user guide

Palace Client Software



The 3.5.1 Macintosh Client

this is a link DIRECTLY to the Macintosh 3.5 client

Mac PPC 3.0.1

Mac 68k 3.0.1

For Win 95/win 98 Users

this is a link DIRECTLY to the windows 3.5 client

Instant Palace Info

Event Pages

The Instant Palace Users Guide
With LINKS to Instant Palaces!

Instant Palace Developers resources

24 Hours On the Palace

Tybalts 24hrs pages index

More Palace oriented links on seperate pages on this site

We recommend this site for info
on using palace with your web browser.

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