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Room Pix Info

When you connect to
XMission Palace
The graphics will automatically download!
as you need them, which ensures you have the most current versions.
Newer Mac Clients(3.5) have full color jpg support
Older clients use .gifs
XMission Palace supplies BOTH to insure compatabiliy.
Manually Installing Our Graphics
2 /18/2001 Manual install is no longer current or practical with the 3.5 clients
Please just connect & download as you go. This ensures you have the most current room art for your version of the client.
However we do have gif archives available for older clients on our
Download everything page
Unzip the archives & place the gifs in your palace/media/xmission/pictures folder.

NOTICE: All Original room art is provided free for the non commercial enjoyment of our guests while connected to XMission Palace,
We consider our original works our intellectual property.
Our Original Art MAY NOT be redistributed by other Palace Server Operators or users
without our WRITTEN PERMISSION & consent.

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Art Credits

All Rooms Feature Original 3D Renderings, Digital Paintings & Collages.
Created By Troy Lunt (Tybalt) & Mel Riley .
with the exception of:
*Smurfest Party Room by Jama
Smurf Birthday room By Tatoo

Created In Raydream 4.1 , 5.0 , 5.5 Bryce 3D-4, Poser 4, Painter 3D & Painter 5.5.
Composited in Photoshop.
Made with Macintosh

Models & Mesh Credits
Original models, By
Troy Lunt & Mel Riley

Commercial 3D Models purchased from the
collections of DAZ 3d Zygote & Viewpoint Data Labs.

  • Melvin the Bigfoot , Mermaid, Merbaby, Merman, Demon From Daz 3d
  • Sea Accessories & MerMantails meshes by DACort Design
  • Free Donated Meshes THANKS!!!
  • TutsTomb Mesh & Texture created by H. L. Arledge for the Poser Props Guild.
  • Egyptian Ship Mesh by Neal M Burt
  • Egyptian walls for Bryce By Lannies 3d Model World
  • (Super Smurf Car ) Supercar by Mick Imrie and Austin Tate.

    Port of model to Poser 4 by Darrin Horn.

  • Amazon Palace Mesh for the Harem Hideout by Sharkey
  • DemonFairy, Mummy,& Sharog By George Deep
  • Graveyard Headstones & Finials , Misc Horor Items From 3D Cafe
  • Misc halloween items by Baumgarten enterprises
  • BIG face Frogs for Poser by Bloodsong
  • "the Plant" by Anton Kisiel
  • GoblinBlimp Mesh by Poseworks
  • 2001 SpaceShips By 2001 Modelers Guild

    Special Thanks

  • Steve Shanks & Poser World
  • Rena PD & Fairy Woods
  • Virus & the Poser Props Guild
  • the 3d Comic Collective

    Props & Avatars donated by our users

    Saltair exterior/interior renderings & re-creations.
    based on Materials in the archives of
    American Memory from the Library of Congress
    The Utah State Historical Society Collections.
    The Salt Lake City Library Metro.
    which is a FABULOUS! Library BTW

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