Tybalts 3d sites for creating palace room art and Avatar Creation

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looking for links to 3d & Poser stuff?
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In my Quest to learn how to make custom 3d graphics for XMission Palace, I found that these sites were very useful.
They contain Gallerys, Tons of free user supplied Models, Tutorials & all the info I needed,
for creating original renderings with 3d Software. plus inspiration and ideas.
Some sites offer Free Downloads, Others offer 3d Geometry & textures for sale.
The idea behind most of these sites is they supply 3d models for you to use to create new custom renderings
I would caution against grabbing pictures off these sites and popping them in as a palace room.
or redistributing custom free 3d archives....
As in Palace, redistributing someones original pictures (or 3d geomety in this case) is looked upon as an Unethical & LAME act,
and in the case of many of these sites Illegal....

Have fun...Tybalt

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