Sounds Info Page

Palace sounds are .wav files that have their extensions taken off.
To play a sound type: ) then the sounds name
Like: )soundsname in your palace client.

When you connect to our Palace, sounds (sound effects) will automatically download as you enter chat rooms that use them,or when you click on items that use them.

You can download them via palace in our .wav rooms made for downloading and hearing all our sounds.

Downloadable Sound Archives
If you would rather grab all our sounds off the web with your browser and install them manually,

Click here to go to our sound archive downloads

Sounds Archives Installation

The wav files in our sound archives should be un-stuff/zipped and placed in your
thepalace/media/xmission/sounds folder on your local HD

If you want to use our sounds at all other palaces put them in your "default" Sounds folder.
thepalace/media/sounds folder.
on your local HD.

Only users who have auto downloaded or installed sounds on thier own computers can hear them when other users key them.

Sounds Install Via Palace
Inside our palace are wav rooms.
enter the wav room click on a file name
WAIT till you recieve a status message saying sound recieved
Click it again to hear it. done.

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