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Welcome! Mac Users!
Now that the Palace software is only supported by the Users, we want to make sure that if you have all the needed info to install the software & tweak it to work properly on your Macintosh!
These pages attempt to explain the Palace Client installation process for new users. Join Us !!
If it looks complicated BE BRAVE, & dont worry about messing up... after all you have a MAC!

OS X Users, the following info is geared for OS 9
We suggest Installing in 9 and then you can switch back to X andrun Palace in Classic.
look for our OSX icon on these pages with special info for OSX.

Download the Free Palace Client

In order to fully access features of the worldwide commuity of Palaces you will need to download & install software on your HardDrive. The Software is called the Palace Client.

Step 1 Download The 3.5.1 Macintosh Client (Power PC / G3 /G4 /imac/ )or 68k at

See the downloads Section of the Palace Planet website for a complete selection of Mac Palace Software.
Or visit the Practice Palace website for a complete selection of Mac Palace Software.

Step 2 Unstuff or Find the installer you downloaded
The installer file compressed with stuffit looks Like:.

Once the file is finished downloading your web browser may automatically unstuff the file for you.
If not: Drop it onto your stuffit expander application , which is likely in your HardDrive/Internet/Internet Utilities/Aladdin Folder
<---Look for this & drop the stuffed file on it

when it is unstuffed it will look like this :
Newbie Tip make sure you know where your files end up when you download via a web browser, usually you download to the desktop..set your download folder in your web browsers preferences before downloading if you are unsure...


Install the Palace Client
The installer file looks Like:

<--------this is the installer Icon Double click it to open the installer


Step 1
Double Click the installer
Click" Continue & Yes" as each screen comes up till you get to:

make a mental note where you are going to install the palace folder
If you are running OS 9+ I believe you do not need appearance manager BUT if you want just choose the standard install it will not do anything whacky so look at your options & then choose install.

Step 2 Locate your new Palace Folder (usually in your hard drive icon) & remember where it is OR move it where you want it.

this folder contains your palace application & needed files

when you first install it it will open automatically and you will see the following window

What is this stuff?
Big Red
P is the application itself
Cyborg.ipt is a text file containing fun palace tricks you can add via a simple scripting language.
Palace.prp is the file that will contain your avatars (online costumes)
Media will contain the room art for every server you visit & Sounds supplied by servers.

Needed But Outdated
Palace Bookmarks
is a text file that lets you connect to a list of favorite servers & webPages for Palace. It is OUTDATED & will need replacing...
DONT TOSS IT you need it (More on that Here)

Misc Flotsam
Palace Presents
is a clever useless application used to activate auditorioum features
Ability to create & control the audtorium was only made available for Wintel Users. itwas never utilized among the general population.
TIP Create a folder in here called "disabled" drag the Palace Presents application AND its associated plug in "PalacePresents PPA" (in plugins/startup folder/) to it . this way your palace software will not load the uneeded & unused plugin.

InternetConfig 2.0.2 This is an extension package for users of Mac OS Previous to OS 8.5.1
if you are running OS 8.5.1or above (which you probably are ) you do not need this. The Mac OS incorporated its features into the Internet Control Panel Years ago
TIP use your Apple Menu to go to your control panels & see if you have the Internet Control Panel
Much of the confusion with downloads of sounds & media filetypes in Palace for Macs are caused by having both InternetConfig 2.0.2 and Internet Control Panel trying to do the same thing.
If you are running an older Mac system maybe a 68k on sys 8.0 save it it will come in handy!

Now you have installed the software! and know what it is!
Visit the next page in this Guide called

for IMPORTANT information and info you will need to use it

All Palace info available at
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